Secure Your Home and Property Before Leaving on an Extended Vacation

Summer is a very popular time of year to take an extended vacation. Thieves know this too. You work hard all year and deserve to have peace of mind before embarking on an extended vacation. Take the necessary steps to secure your home and property before leaving.

Cut Your Grass And Trim Your Hedges. An unkempt yard and overgrown greenery is a sure sign that the owners of the property are away. Especially if you are meticulous about your property and so are the other residents on the street. If you will be away for longer than two weeks, arrange for a trusted friend or relative to maintain the property. A little trim and picking up of any debris that blew in your yard will keep your property from looking neglected and invite intruders.

Arrange For The Post Office To Hold Your Mail. An overflowing mail box is another sure sign that the house is vacant. A neighbor can also pick up your mail and hold it safely for you until you return. Likewise, if you get a daily newspaper delivery, let them know you will be on vacation and to hold your delivery for the time you will be away.

Turn Off The Ringers On Your Telephones. The sound of a ringing telephone can carry, especially if the house is devoid of any other noise. At the very least, set your voice mail or answering machine to pick up after two rings. Anyone listening for signs of life outside your house before attempting a robbery may be thwarted by the sound of the phone only ringing twice instead of five or six times.

Remove Any Emergency Keys Placed Outside Your Home. Many people leave an extra key under their welcome mat, or inside an outdoor decoration to ensure someone can enter in case of an emergency. Take the extra key and give it to someone you trust. Thieves are clever and if you have hidden your key somewhere accessible, they will find it.

Look At The Outside Of Your Home With The Eyes Of A Thief. Tour the perimeter of your home with a critical eye. If there are any vulnerable areas that a thief could somehow find an entry to your home, take the necessary steps to remedy it. My family home that I grew up in had a small outside fence that easily provided a stepping stone to the first floor windows. Since this was on the side of the house and not easily seen from the street, it provided the perfect boost should a thief have ever tried to get in. Our next door neighbor was a policeman and he advised my parents to remove the fence.

Install Timer Lights. Having interior lights turn on at dark fall and turn off at your traditional bedtime can simulate a normal routine to anyone watching the house.

Install Solar Lights On The Outside Of Your Property. A dark home exterior can invite all kinds of trouble. Well lit property is less of a target for robbery and vandalism than one shrouded in darkness.

Talk To Your Neighbors And Let Them Know You Will Be Away. The safety of the neighborhood is everyone’s concern. Let at least one trusted neighbor know that your home will be uninhabited for a period of time. Having even one pair of eyes keeping note of any unusual activity at your home or on your property is beneficial.

Take the necessary precautions to protect your home and property before going away so you can come home to your castle in exactly the state you left it in.

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