A Staging Area in the Home

A staging area is a location in the home where people generally prepare to go in and out of the house. It is the area where shoes, boots, coats, umbrellas, gloves, hats, and other items are stored and kept handy until ready for use, and it is an area of convenience. A staging area can be in a foyer, breezeway, mudroom, or any designated area, and it does not have to be a muddy or dirty mess. Mudrooms do not have to be muddy and messy, just as breezeways are not necessarily breezy. You can maintain a well-organized staging area that will help keep your floors clean and messes to a minimum.

Shoes Off Rule

To keep your carpets and flooring clean and in good condition, implement a rule in your home that requires family members to leave their shoes in a specified area near the door. A staging area complete with absorbent, washable, latex backed rugs will greatly reduce the amount of dirt that ends up on carpets and other flooring, and they will greatly decrease the amount of time spent cleaning. Your carpets will last longer, and your floors will stay looking cleaner for longer periods of time.

A Place to Sit

If the staging area in your home offers plenty of room, consider investing in a bench or chair so people can sit down and comfortably remove and put on shoes and boots. Place a throw rug beneath the bench to absorb moisture, and store extra boots and shoes underneath. Some benches are equipped with a rack especially for shoes and boots, and this comes in very handy, particularly where space is limited.


A mirror is very useful when placed in a staging area since it provides a convenient place for combing hair and touching up makeup. A well-placed mirror will make the staging area appear considerably larger than it actually is, and the right mirror will add a classy touch to any d�©cor. Choose a large attractively framed mirror, and place a table or a shelf beneath it to complete the look. A table or shelf will provide a place for a basket or a tray of keys as well as miscellaneous items.

Coat Storage

A coat closet in a staging area is very handy, but not everyone is fortunate enough to have a closet especially for coats, shoes, and other outdoor accessories. If you do not have a closet especially for coats, or if your coat closet is inadequate, invest in a sturdy and attractive coat rack. Coat racks are available in all sizes, styles, and price ranges, and there are racks especially for coats to match every design preference and budget. Many coat racks are also equipped with a place for umbrellas, hats, gloves, and scarves, and it can greatly facilitate the maintenance of a designated staging area in your home.

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