Product Review: Dirt Devil Spot Scrubber

About five months ago my husband and I brought home a new addition to our family, Kenzie, our now 6 month old Springer/Pointer/Lab mix. She is now completely housetrained, but there were some rough times along the way.

After the first accident, we ran right out to Wal-Mart and bought the Dirt Devil Spot Scrubber. I mean after all, we rent and we have a baby to think about. Right from the start it was difficult to use. My husband got it put together, the cleaner in and started to use it. To use the scrubber is a two part process.

In theory this is how it works:

First, you squirt the cleaner onto the wet spot or stain (the sprayer in on the machine) and turn on the scrubbing feature. Then when you have worked the cleaner into the stain and loosened it (this takes a couple of minutes usually) you switch it to the vacuum feature and up comes the all the liquid from your carpet.

In theory it sounds like a wonderful thing and that my move in deposit would be still be a hope at the end of the potty training. The first time we used it, I have to say my hope was quickly diminishing. It seemed to rub the strain into the carpet instead of getting it out. So, we switched to the vacuum feature and found that the suction was pretty lame.

To make matters worse, my husband used it to vacuum some water off the carpet that she tracked in when they came back from fishing. So, you can probably already guess that now everything we use the thing, it gives a poof of fishy freshness leaving my house smelling like an open fish market.

So, after a lot of Febreze, I stopped using it and now it sits on a shelf in our hot water heater closet. In all truth, it will probably end up in our yard sale this summer. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have always been a fan of Dirt Devil, but something went array with this product.

Maybe I am too cheap and should have bought the Green Machine, I mean you get what you pay for, right? But, I should still get a quality product no matter what I pay. Or it could at least perform as it is advertised to.

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