How to Make Animals with Empty Toilet Paper Rolls

Empty toilet paper rolls have a number of fantastic uses including crafts. Kids and adults alike can enjoy making cute animals out of empty toilet paper rolls. Animal crafts with empty toilet paper rolls are ideal for elementary school kids and groups, and the creative possibilities are only limited by the imagination. Give this fun and easy craft project a try. These animals are as much fun to play with as they are to create, and you can make an entire zoo or barnyard filled with animals. Start collecting empty toilet paper rolls today!

Necessary Supplies

To make animals of your choice you’ll need empty toilet paper rolls, latex craft paint, a small paintbrush, felt, scissors, and craft glue. The colors you choose depends on the animals you plan to make. Consider making and black and white cow, a spotted dog, a gray and white cat, or a big brown bear. The felt will be used for the ears, feet, and tail, and the paint will be used to create the bodies and any special features of the animals.

Optional Supplies

Optionally, after painting the animals and adding felt feet, ears, and a tail, consider gluing on plastic craft eyes and making collars using narrow ribbon. Glitter can be used to embellish animals with tags and collars, and puff paint can be used to add textured fur. Use your imagination, and provide kids or group members with plenty of supplies to create all kinds of empty toilet paper roll animals. You won’t believe what can be made with an array of craft supplies and a good imagination!


To make a toilet paper roll dog, begin by painting the cardboard tube a color of your choice. The finished animals will stand on end. Paint the tube to look like a dog on its hind legs begging for a treat. Next, paint on the features, and allow the paint to dry completely.

While the paint is drying, cut out a tail, feet, and floppy ears. Once the paint is completely dry, glue on the felt parts. Add the front legs by gluing the felt pieces to the inside edges and add a felt tail in back. Next, glue on any added craft supplies such as plastic eyes or a ribbon collar. Let the glue dry completely before handling further.

Other animals can be made with empty toilet paper rolls using the same procedure. Choose paint according to the colors and types of animals, and cut out ears, tails, and feet according to their variety. They’ll look like cute and adorable cartoon characters, so accurate details aren’t required.

Give crafters the option of choosing their own animals, or plan a specific empty toilet paper roll craft project in advance. The possibilities are endless, and cardboard tubes that would otherwise end up in the trash can be turned into crafts worth keeping and displaying. Even those who don’t consider themselves artistically inclined can make these easy animals with empty toilet paper rolls!

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