How to Make a Hooded Baby Bath Towel

Hooded baby bath towels are a great way to dry your baby off and help keep their little heads warm after a bath. You can find hooded baby bath towels in many stores in the baby sections.

But often enough they do not last very long and are too small. The hooded baby bath towels become to small once your baby starts to grow. This leaves you with a neat idea for your baby’s bath time in the wind. Now you are wishing that you had a more durable bath towel much like your own with a hood on it.

Making your own hooded baby bath towels is one of the easiest craft projects there is. One can make these hooded baby bath towels are also great baby shower gift ideas. The cost of the hooded baby bath towels is about the same as purchasing one already made at the store. Also, using a standard bath towel and wash cloth, the homemade baby bath towel can grow with your baby.

Many recipients of the homemade hooded baby bath towels found that they lasted longer, and that their babies were able to use them until they were almost a year old. Don’t be surprised though, if the recipient of the hooded baby bath towel, asks for another hooded towel or two. That is how well received they are by the parents, especially the mothers.

You can make the hooded baby bath towels to coordinate with the theme of the baby’s room or to match the color scheme in the bathroom or bathing area for the baby. There are also many children oriented bath towels and wash cloths that can be used to make the hooded baby bath towel.

Materials Needed For Making a Hooded Baby Bath Towel

One standard or larger bath towel.
One wash cloth.
Thread and needle or a sewing machine.

Directions For Making a Hooded Baby Bath Towel

Place the wash cloth diagonally on one of the corners of the bath towel and sew the two together around the outer edges, basically a quarter inch inside the outer edges. You will want to make sure that you backstitch at the beginning and the end where you stopped sewing so that the wash cloth doesn’t become unsewn.

However, if you are using one of the towels and wash cloths that has children’s characters on them, you will want to do one of the following.

Place the wrong sides together before sewing them together. This method will show the characters on the outside of the hooded baby bath towel.


Place the wrong side of the wash cloth to the right side of the towel before sewing. This method will place the characters on the towel next to the baby and the characters on the wash cloth facing out.

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