Easy Ways to Dust an Artificial Ficus Tree

An artificial ficus tree does not require the same amount of care as a real one. It obviously does not require watering, fertilizer or trimming, but it does require occasional cleaning. Dust settles on the leaves and branches, and in time it looks dirty. The leaves and branches do not have to be wiped down one by one. That would take all day. It is easy to dust an artificial ficus tree using these safe and simple methods. I kept mine looking like new for many years.

Take it Outdoors on a Breezy Day

If your artificial ficus tree is not covered with layers of dust, take it outdoors on a dry breezy day. Place it in a shady spot, and allow the wind to naturally dust the leaves and branches. Take it outdoors before the layers build up. It should come right off. Wait too long and a breeze will not work to clean the branches and leaves.

Place it in Front of a High Power Fan

A fan sometimes works to clean away dust on an artificial ficus tree. Take the plant outside, and place it in front of the fan. Make adjustments as necessary. If it provides enough wind, the dust should blow off.

Blow it Off with a Blow Dryer

If a natural breeze or a high power fan is not available, create a steady wind with a blow dryer. Take the artificial ficus tree outdoors, and blow off the dust using the highest setting. If the blow dryer has a cooling option, turn off the heat. Hot air will not remove the dust any more effectively than a cool breeze.

Try an Air Compressor if the Dust Refuses to Budge

When seeking an easy way to dust an artificial ficus plant after exhausting the aforementioned options, try an air compressor. However, before using an air compressor to clean off the leaves and branches, make sure that they seem to be firmly attached. You might lose a few leaves in the process, but if the dust comes off it was worth the loss of a leaf or two.

It Might Need a Bath

If an air compressor does not work to clean away the dust, your artificial ficus tree might need a bath. Proceed with caution. When in doubt, wash a single artificial leaf to make sure that water will not ruin the material. If possible, take it outside and hose it off. Otherwise, place it in the shower to wash away the dust. Wrap an old blanket around the wet ficus tree to carry it outside. On a warm day it should dry within an hour or two.

Source: Personal and Professional Home Design and Home Care Experience

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