How to Heat a Screened-In Porch in the Winter

Your screened in porch has made a beautiful addition to your living space during the summer months, but did you know you don’t have to lose that space just because winter is on its way? Don’t lose that space that you built so many great summer memories in, make new memories this winter. Your screen in porch can be just as enjoyable during the cold season by just following a few tips on how to heat your screened in porch in the winter. One may believe that it is impossible to take a screened in porch and make it into a comfortable living quarter for the winter months, but these 10 tips will allow you to continue to use and retain heat in your screened in porch.

1. Repair all damage to the frame of your screened in porch. Spring and summer can cause weather wear from rain to sun damage. Replace frame damage as needed to insure tight seals and structure.

2. If your screened in porch is a wrap screen and does not have winter storm windows, you can buy sheets of plywood and enclose your screened in porch for the winter. This will insulate it from the winter winds.

3. I still suggest using a heavy grade of plastic on the outer perimeter of your screened in porch. This eliminates any air draft gaps between the plywood cover.

4. On the interior, caulk any seams between the plywood inserts.

5. Lay indoor-outdoor carpet on cement base to add extra insulation, which also helps retain the heat.

6. Winterize door seals and trim around door. Door seals are cheap and can keep a lot of heat from escaping.

7. Insulate the ceiling with rolls of insulation or put in a drop ceiling. If money is an issue, heavy plastic wrap stapled on inner ceiling will help retain some heat.

8. If your screened in porch is equipped with storm windows, put them up, but still cover with a heavy plastic to help retain heat and keep the cold out.

9. Space heaters are necessary if you want to keep your screened in porch living quarters toasty warm. There are many different varieties available on the market. Some common ones that work well in heating your screened in porch during the winter are patio heaters, Chimeneas (made out of cast iron or cast aluminum), patio table foot heaters (fits under most patio tables and your umbrella sits right on it.), basic space heaters, and electric fire places. I enjoy the look of an electric fireplace. It adds a bit of ambiance to the air.

10. Accessories with lots of pillows and blankets.

By just tightening up your screened in porch you will have gained added space to enjoy during the winter that you may not have necessarily utilized.

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