Five Tips to Remaking Your Bathroom in Your New Home

So you just brought your new home, and you realize that the bathroom needs some work. Perhaps even a lot of work. However there are some simple, affordable things that you can do in order to make it look great again. Below you will find five tips that may be helpful in getting the process started.

1. Get rid of what you don’t want

Start by getting rid of any items in the bathroom that you don’t want. Try to keep it simple. For example replacing the mirror in the bathroom and changing the tiles can be an easy fix. If however you want to get rid of the sink and tub, and the floor, than you will need to make a list and call a professional. By writing things down first, you will be able to get a more reasonable idea of the cost and time. If you want to do a major remake of the bathroom get a variety of estimates to see where and how you can save money before you have one item removed.

2. Set a budget and stick with it

Wheever you purchase a new home, you will have a set budget for things that you can fix inside the house. It is very important that you stick within this budget. There may be smaller fixes that you can do to make it look nice, until you can do the major overhaul that you want.

3. Be willing to compromise

Even though you want to remake your old bathroom, you still want to stay with the original budget that you started. This may mean not changing out one of the items that you first wanted to change. For example if the sink is still in good condition you may need to live with it for awhile until you have more money to replace it.

4. Fresh coat of paint goes a long way

Sometimes all that may be needed for your bathroom is a fresh coat of paint. Of course make sure that you will not need to do any major remodeling before you paint. Choose a paint color that will really make the bathroom look great and you may not need to do anything else.

5. Change the flooring for a new look

It could be that the floor is causing the bathroom to look like it needs a total redo. If the sink and bathtub are ok, than try changing out the floor. You will need to check and see what type of floor you have and what amount of work you will need to do to replace it. Replacing the bathroom floor may be something that you can do yourself.

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