5 Design Ideas for Ceiling Remodeling

Design ideas for ceiling remodels are fun ways to liven up a room. Why? When it comes to decorating, people usually leave the ceiling out. So when anyone actually remodels his or her ceiling, it always opens the door for a lot of conversation. Ready to turn your ceiling inside out? Below are five ideas you will want to consider for remodeling your ceiling. All will add a little flair to any room of your house.

Design Idea #1 – Remodel your ceiling with a mural.

This ceiling design idea has its roots in ancient Greece. It was during this time that kings and queens hired artists to paint murals on their ceilings depicting the heavens and their gods. You can do it too. Just pick a theme and find an artist who can bring it to life.

Design Idea #2 – Remodel your ceiling with dark paint.

This ceiling design idea is one used by home decorators all over the world. In order to add a little drama to a room, the ceiling is painted dark. The key is to pick a color that is similar to the walls, but only a shade darker. Anyone can do this design idea himself or herself by visiting a local paint store and picking up a few supplies.

Design Idea #3 – Remodel your ceiling with texture.

This ceiling design idea is one that works if you enjoy ceilings that “pop” with texture. You can achieve it with plaster and a design tool such as a whisk broom. What you have to do is apply the plaster and while it is still wet, run your design tool through it. After the plaster dries, you’ll have a new “texture” on it that differs from the walls. It will definitely add a unique look to the room.

Design Idea #4 – Remodel your ceiling with wallpaper.

This ceiling design idea is great for nurseries and home business offices. Add wallpaper to the ceilings with fun patterns or scenes on them. You can do it by either covering the entire ceiling with a scene like one of the solar system or you can just cut out pieces of wallpaper designs such as stars to paste on the ceiling. Either way, it brings a special touch to the room along with added fun.

Design Idea #5 – Remodel your ceiling with lights.

This design idea is a common one used by many people. In order to remodel a ceiling, they add a chandelier or embedded lights. Both ideas are great, but a way to spice them (and your ceiling) up is to add color. You can add the color to the lighting fixture or to the bulb. Either way, it will add new dimension to your ceiling because most people aren’t used to seeing a soft blue light emitting from a crystal chandelier.

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