5 Easy Landscaping Ideas for Winter

Want to learn about 5 easy landscaping ideas for winter? Just cause it’s cold outside doesn’t mean that you can’t decorate your yard! There are many ways to enjoy your green thumb and your great backyard year around. So don’t store away that grill and patio furniture just yet. Read on for decorating options that you can do even when the snow flies!

1. Statues- Statues are a great way to add interest to your landscape. Read Choosing and Adding Statues to Your Home Garden for tips on getting the right ones for your yard. You can find ones based on a theme or collection. Anything that you can imagine, it’s out there. Search until you find the perfect one for your landscape. Adding Garden Statues to Your Lawn and Gorgeous Ways to Use Garden Statues in Landscaping offer more tips.

2. Fake Plants/Flowers- Before you dismiss this idea, read Gardening with Fake Plants and Using Fake Flowers to Decorate Your Home or Garden. Fake foliage has come a long way. There are many natural looking options available as well as ones that can added just for whimsy. They are easy to up keep, no green thumb required! Best of all, they come in many different varieties and can be changed easily anytime you want a different look.

3. Evergreen Trees/Bushes- If fake is still not your thing, no matter how real it looks, evergreen trees and bushes are the best way to keep green in your yard year around. They are hardy and can be enjoyed no matter how cold and snowy it is outside. They also offer shelter for wintering birds, furry friends and other wildlife. Read Evergreen Bushes Add Dimension to Your Landscape Dimension All Year and Winter Gardening: Using Trees and Shrubs for Interest for more information.

4. String Lights/Other Decorations- String lights are not just for Christmas. For example, Mimicing the look of icicles off leaveless trees can add a soft beauty. There are also many other options available to decorate your lawn, ones for every taste and theme, all you have to do is look. Check out Create a Winter Wonderland in Your Front Yard and Winter Wonderland: Spruce-Up Curb Appeal with Winter Landscaping for more great ideas.

5. Gardens- That’s right! You can keep right on gardening throughout the year. Winter Gardening: Plants that Bloom During Winter Months shows you the foliage that you can choose from. Serious gardeners can read How to Create a Winter Vegetable Garden, it tells you how you can delicious vegetables all year long! How Can I Decorate My Garden for Winter? offers great ideas on how to decorate around what ever you choose to grow!

These 5 easy landscaping ideas for winter are by no means the only ways to decorate your yard during the cold months. To make sure your feather friends are there to enjoy your landscape with you, read Food that Will Attract Birds to Your Yard All Winter Long. Check out the resources for more great tips!

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