Palm Tree Lamps: Where to Search for One Online

Palm trees are a touch of the exotic. But palm trees are more than a reminder of your last trip to the Caribbean or California. They can also adorn your home throughout the year. If you like the look of palm trees, why not capture the beauty of palm trees by buying palm tree lamps?

Palm Tree Lamps

Palm Tree Lamps is a company that manufactures and distributes rattan coconut lamps to customers throughout North America. The lamps are handmade and can even be custom made. If you want a custom made rattan coconut palm tree lamp, you will need to specify the wood finish you would like for the trunk and other parts of the lamp. Each rattan coconut lamp takes 10 hours minimum to create by hand. Customers can choose from natural, cherry, chocolate, green or ivory finishes. Choose from the range of table lamps pr floor lamps. Table lamps cost $129 and stand 2 1/2ft tall x 2ft wide. The leaves are adjustable and each coconut requires a 40w light bulb. The floor lamps cost $249 and stand 6 1/2ft tall x 4 1/2ft wide. To learn more about the Palm Tree Lamps company and to browse their selection of rattan coconut palm tree lamps, click here for more details.


At AlstoâÂ?¢, you can shop for home dÃ?©cor, pet products, gifts and table lamps. Palm Tree Table Lamp, Item Number 701397, is currently on sale for $99.97. It has a wicker shade with beautiful palm tree detail. The base contains coconuts. The lamp is made from resin and takes 100w light bulbs, which are not included with the lamp. The lamp measures 34″ high. Shop for products online or call your order in toll-free at 1-800-621-8258. Click here to view the Palm Tree Table Lamp.

Palm Tree Lamps Store

The Palm Tree Lamps Store is more modestly priced than the previous manufactures and retailers with prices starting at $24.99 for palm tree table lamps. You have the option of buying individual palm tree lamps or buying a set. When you click on the image of a lamp you particularly like, you can also search through the new and used lamps range that offers lamps at a discount. This allows you to compare prices and find the best deal for you if you are on a budget. Click here to find out more about the range of palm tree lamps on offer at the Palm Tree Lamps Store.

Palm tree lamps can enhance a home and add a touch of the exotic to bedrooms, the dining room or family room.

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