Ten Grand Uses for Aluminum Foil

Since getting married almost 15 years ago, I have come up with many ideas and ways to say money and time. My husband always teases me that I can squeeze a dollar in five without even really trying. I like to save more time than money, but I found with the use of aluminum foil, I can save both. With the rising cost of gas, we need to find many ways to save money.

I have came up with at least ten ideas. I hope these ideas are new and exciting.

When placing leftovers in the refrigerator cover with aluminum foil. You can also cover the whole thing. Such as leftover hotdog or hamburgers. Carefully cover item and place in refrigerator. Keep in mind that there will be no messy plastic container or lids.

In place of a lid (such as a jelly jar) use aluminum foil. Losing the caps or lids will be no problem now. Just slap the aluminum foil on the jar and you’ll have a tight fit.

Crumble a piece of aluminum foil up and clean your grill. No more dirty grill, this works just as well as a wire brush. Clean and toss for just a few cents. Just in time for summer grilling.

You can also use aluminum foil to clean baked on gunk off pots and pans. This works just as well as a steel wool pad.

Layer several pieces of aluminum foil. Take your scissors and cut through the aluminum foil. This will sharpen your scissors.

Keep your doorknobs and hardware clean and paint free by wrapping them in aluminum foil when you start a paint project.

Use aluminum foil to line your oven. You could purchase an oven liner but why. Measure a piece of aluminum foil that will fit your oven. Roll the ends up a little bit and place in the oven. As the foil gets soiled pull out and throw away.

Use aluminum foil as a cooking pouch. Simply take vegetables, chicken, etc and place in the aluminum foil pouch and place on the grill. When the chicken is grill and vegetables are tender, remove place on dish and toss the pouch out. Dinner is done and clean up is complete.

Avoid static electricity in your clothing by tossing a crumbled up piece of aluminum foil in your dryer with your clothes and run the cycle.

To avoid the stuck on food on your cookie sheets and cake pans, place aluminum foil on the bottom of the pan and continue to cook. When food is complete remove food then discard the aluminum foil. Clean up is just that easy. Not to mention it saves your pan.

You, too, can come up with many uses of aluminum foil. After a while your can almost eliminate the use of the more expensive items. Don’t forget to use aluminum for your craft needs and wrapping . Aluminum foil makes great wrapping paper ideas.

Hope these ideas are helpful enough and keep on the lookout for many other tips and ideas.

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