How to Install a New Storm Door

A new storm door can be a great addition to your home. It will not only help insulate your entry but will also improve the looks of your home. Installing a storm door is easily accomplished by the average do it yourselfer. In this article we will focus on how to install a storm door on a door frame that has brick molding. The tools that you will need to install a new storm door yourself are a hacksaw, level, 3/8 drill and drill bits, pliers and a Philips head screw driver.

First thing to do is for you to unpack your new storm door and lay the pieces out so you can get to them easily. Take the rain cap(Z-bar) and temporarily install it at the top of the frame on the brick molding with one screw. Next decide which way your door will open and then install the hinge side z-bar on the side of the door you want the door to swing from. Now measure from the bottom of the rain cap to the door sill and using this measurement cut the hinge side z-bar to this length. Be sure to cut the hinge side z-bar to match the slope of the door sill.

Left the door in place, with the help of another person if possible, and left it up against the top z-bar. Take a level and adjust the door in place until it is level and plum. Secure the door on the hinge side with the supplied screws. Open the door and install the screws in the appropriate locations on the hinge side z-bar. Now adjust the top z-bar so that there is an equal distance between the z-bar and the top of the storm door and secure it with screws.

Measure the distance from the bottom of the rain cap(top z-bar) and the door sill on the latch side of the door. Now take the latch side z-bar and cut it to this measurement. Be sure to cut the latch and hinge side z-bars to match the slope of the door sill. Now place the latch side z-bar in place against the brick molding and close the door. Line up the z-bar so there is a uniform gap between the door frame and the z-bar(1/8 to 1/4 inch). Mark the z-bar and then secure with the supplied screws in the appropriate locations. Install the door handle and any associated hardware per the manufactures instructions.

Now install the door sweep onto the door expander and cut off any excess length. Slide the expander on the bottom of the door and adjust to the proper height and fit against the door sill. Mark and pre-drill the holes. Using supplied screws and secure the expander to the bottom of the door. Install the door closer and hardware per manufacture instructions and make necessary adjustments so the door closes properly. Some storm doors come with 2 door closers with one being installed on the top and one on the bottom in the same manner.

With the information in this article, you should now be able to install your own storm door with ease. Make sure you have the proper tools, lay out all of the door pieces for easy access and read over the manufactures instructions before you get started…good luck!

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