5 Great Green Tips for Thanksgiving

When trying to find new ways to help the environment and save some money, it is important to look closely at what we do most on Thanksgiving. Green tips for Thanksgiving are everywhere�

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It’s easy to find enough great green tips for Thanksgiving to write a book!

Travel Green

The obvious way to go green this Thanksgiving is to stay home but that’s not always an option. Stay within biking distance and use one if the weather permits. If you have to travel, try to take non-stop flights. According to Travel Channel, the most carbon emissions occur during takeoff and landing, so plan accordingly because it will not only save the planet but should save a few dollars and some time with fewer flights and layovers.

Cook Green

The best tip for cooking green this Thanksgiving is to cook only what is needed. That is not always easy to do, especially when there are several guests expected, so plan ahead. Having a full guest list will help as well as knowing who’s the hog and who’s only going to have a glass water.

Entertain Green

There is nothing more annoying then Grandma yelling at the kids to keep the heat in. “We are not heating the outdoors,” she will say at least once unless you manage your guests. A great tip to help entertain green this thanksgiving is to set up stations for different types of fun. This helps keep guests indoors. Some people want to watch the football game but not everyone so an extra television set up for others helps settle the stirring dramatically. Of course using extra appliances on Thanksgiving is not the best solution, board games and storytelling often go great with the season.

Dress Green

The temperature has changed quickly and many hurry to cover-up with whatever they can find. This may not be the best option for the environment or your pocketbook. Considering the fancy sweaters and quaint dress clothes many wear on Thanksgiving, often hundreds of dollars can be saved by reusing worn out clothes or even shopping the thrift stores. This can give you time to shop the deals for cold weather clothes that stores have just recently hiked up for maximum profit.

It is never too late to start a list of green tips for Thanksgiving. If you’re trying to go green this Thanksgiving, these 5 tips should get you well on your way.

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