Ten Tips for a Green Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is all about being grateful for what we have, including Mother Earth. Here are ten ways to keep your holiday clean and green, without sacrificing tradition.

1. Buy Local. Depending on where you live, local farms might be selling the items you need to complete your Thanksgiving dinner. Apples, pumpkins, greens and squash can be grown in the fall. Support your local farmers and eat healthy while doing it!

2. Recycle your scraps. Remember that some table scraps can be made into compost. Or finish off your leftovers and eliminate wasted food. Turkey can be made into soups, salads or sandwiches.

3. Go vegetarian. If you’re looking to make the ultimate earthly sacrifice this Thanksgiving, give up the bird! Save a turkey’s life and switch to a vegetarian dish, such as tofurky or veggie lasagna.

4. Stay home. Eliminate gas consumption by hosting your own dinner this year. No travel also means less stress! If you have to travel, see if you can carpool with relatives.

5. Use Natural Decor – Create your own decorations instead of buying them this year. Use pinecones for creative turkey centerpieces, or accent your table with acorns and bittersweet. Hollowed out pumpkins make beautiful flower holders.

6. Plant a tree – Start a new tradition this year as a way to thank Mother Earth. Consider planting a small tree with your family as a way to give back to our planet.

7. Change your lighting. Make the switch to energy efficient light bulbs. Take a moment to replace your old bulbs with ones that are better for the environment and your electric bill.

8. Choose candles. Opt to turn off the lights, and set the mood with candles instead. Try a hand-poured candle from Domestic Goddess on Etsy.

9. Get some exercise. Put down your cell phones and tablets, shut off the television and wasted electricity. Grab a football and play a quick game before (or after) dinner. Better yet, hold a neighborhood scavenger hunt and get the kids on their feet!

10. Use recyclable dinnerware. Forget dishwashers! Say goodbye to wasted water with recyclable dinnerware. Fully biodegradable and not bad looking, either!

Little changes can make a big difference Even if you just follow a few of these tips this year, you’re already on your way to a greener lifestyle.








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