8 Cool Tips for an Eco-Friendly Thanksgiving Dinner Party

Make this Thanksgiving Day a memorable one by eliminating time in the kitchen — using eco-friendly products that make-up a sensational holiday dinner. Shopping for eco-friendly food items, place settings, deserts, and favorite holiday beverages is a cinch in the present day consumer-friendly marketplace.

1. Decorate with Nature

Nature gives us the perfect opportunity to be creative in so many ways. Twigs, thin solid branches, pinecones, can be spray painted a variety of colors to make a bold statement – introduced as a Thanksgiving Day conversation piece. Fall leaves add a wonderful dÃ?©cor to any table setting.

2. Recyclable Eco-friendly Place Settings

Using recyclable items to make an unforgettable place setting will standout from the typical Thanksgiving drab. Throughout the years, I have become engaged in creating one-of-a-kind place settings using a variety of natural items found at recycle centers. Plastic, old wood wicker chairs, thin scrap wood, make wonderful Thanksgiving Day place settings. It is a win-win scenario for the environment using recycled goods; since the purpose is to recycle unwanted materials.

3. Create an Eco-friendly Buffet

Creating a deli platter using Castle Wood Reserve deli meats and cheeses is economical and efficient for accommodating many Thanksgiving Day guest. Castle Wood Reserve deli meats are gluten free and are of superior quality. The variety of deli meats includes; oven roasted turkey breast, Angus roast beef, black forest ham, and pastrami. Other food items that make for a wonderful buffet include; pre-packed fresh fruit, wheat or no-salt crackers, and sesame bread sticks.

4. Frozen Fresh Vegetables from the Garden or Farmers Market

Each year I preserve fresh vegetables from my garden; they include, squash, collards, tomatoes, beans and field peas, peppers, onions, and scallions. Before the season ends, I preserve my stock by placing my vegetables in Ziploc bags, which my family uses for holiday cooking. Purchasing fresh vegetables at the Farmers Market is a healthier and less expensive way to feed family and friends during Thanksgiving Day.

5. Time-saving Eco-friendly Foods

Celebrate Thanksgiving Day by offering family and friends healthy eco-friendly pre-packaged foods. Carrington Corn Bread stuffing is the best-premade frozen stuffing I have ever tasted. This product, along with Wal-Mart rotisserie chickens is a lifeline for families seeking reprieve from Thanksgiving cooking. Frozen premade turkeys, no longer shunned upon; in fact, they have become the rage cooks turn to when holiday cooking burnout occurs. Marie Callender has frozen pies that taste homemade. Desert will never be the same once a family or friend indulges in one of these frozen pie treats. The best alternative to cooking a Thanksgiving dinner — is to order one. The Cajun Grocer offers some of the hottest, fresh, prepared entrees on the web to date.

6. Eco-friendly Bakeware

Baking for Thanksgiving has taken a new twist on how to be environmentally friendly. Chinet now offers disposable Bakeware baking pans. Chinet disposable baking dishes are a godsend for bakers; fewer cleanups — means more time to spend with family and friends during Thanksgiving.

7. Remember What Thanksgiving is all about

Thanksgiving dinner leftovers offer an opportunity to feed the less fortunate people. Local soup kitchens prosper when a community gives from the heart. Remember, Thanksgiving is a time to share blessings and be thankful for the bounty received.

8. Eco-friendly Rule Number One: Recycle the Dinner Party

Waste makes waste, especially if disposable products are not properly recycled. Remember, every American resident plays a vital part in contributing to an eco-friendly environment.

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