5 Inexpensive Ways to Make Your House Smell Great for the Holidays

Some of my favorite things about the holiday season are the number of smells associated with the time of year. Generally, I love buying candles that will fill up an entire room, but that little shopping habit of mine can get expensive. Over the years I have experimented with ways to make my house smell good for the holidays without spending a lot of money. Here is a look at some foolproof ways to do just that.

  1. Add spices to the slow cooker. I love my Crock Pot, but I’ve learned that it can be used for more than just cooking a delicious roast. Simply fill it up about half way with water and add any combination of the following items: cinnamon sticks, apple peels or juice, orange rinds, cloves, vanilla, lemon rind, nutmeg, bay leaves, peppermint or rosemary. Allow it to simmer all day.
  2. Make your own scented pine cones. If you have a few pine cones cluttering up the yard, pick them up and bring them inside for this homemade scent project. All you need is a freezer bag and a small bottle of scented oil (I prefer cinnamon and apple scents for Christmas). Simply put the pine cones in the bag with the oil and shake them up until they are coated. Afterwards, lay them on newspaper or a paper towel to dry. Keep them in a bowl or basket in your favorite room of the house.
  3. Throw some cookies in the oven. If you are getting ready to have house guests, and you want your home to smell inviting, buy a cheap roll of sugar cookies, slice them up and throw them in the oven just before your company arrives. The aroma of fresh-baked sugar cookies has long been associated with the holidays, and if you don’t accidentally overcook them, have your guests decorate and eat them while the smell lingers in the air.
  4. Decorate with real scented items. Choose a real Christmas tree instead of an artificial one to automatically enhance your home’s aroma. Use branches from pine or cedar trees to decorate your mantel or any other surface. Use cinnamon sticks and ribbon to make ornaments for your tree.
  5. Add extras to your fireplace. If you live in a cold climate, you probably have a fire burning around the holiday season. Did you know you can use this to freshen up your home’s scent, too? Throw some cinnamon sticks or dried orange and apple peels into your fire for an automatic nose-pleasing smell.

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