DIY – Log Cabin Birdhouse

Any time of the year birds can be found around any neighborhood. Birds found in your neighborhood, build them a log cabin birdhouse. Log style toys are the easiest to use for making a log cabin bird house.

A log cabin birdhouse can be a way to decorate your yard. Creating a log cabin birdhouse will give birds a safe habitat any time of the year. Not only will a log cabin birdhouse create a habitat, it is also created from earth friendly materials.

Materials Needed for a Log Cabin Birdhouse

Tumble Tree Timbers – Tumble Tree Timbers are found at K-Mart for $9.99. From the Tumble Tree Timbers, two timber number five pieces, nine timber number three pieces, fourteen timber number one pieces, six roof slats, two roof holders, two roof supports, and one chimney piece will be used to create this birdhouse.

Gorilla Glue – Gorilla Glue will be used to glue the logs of the Tumble Tree Timbers together.

Polyurethane – Polyurethane is used to cover the log cabin birdhouse for protection from the elements. It can be purchased in a quart sized can or in spray form. If purchased in a quart can, a small paint brush will be needed for application.

Plywood – A piece of plywood the size of 8 1/4 inches x 8 1/4 inches to which we will attach the birdhouse. This will enable you to attach it to a post or other stand.

Assembling the Log Cabin Birdhouse

Step One: Birdhouse Base Placement

Note: Using the Gorilla Glue, follow the wetting of the sections so the pieces will stick to each other. I did not use clamps during the process of building the birdhouse.

Glue one number nine tree timber to the back slots to the two timber number five pieces as shown in view one of the slide show Log Cabin Birdhouse. Glue one each of the Timber number one to the front slot of the base as shown in views 1a and 1b of the Log Cabin Birdhouse slide show.

Let the birdhouse base set for 10 to 20 minutes before moving to step two.

Step Two: Base on Base Placement

Slide the base of the birdhouse onto the wooden square and mark the area for placing the log cabin birdhouse onto it. Remove the base, place the glue between the markings and replace the base. This will help with place the birdhouse in the exact position on the base and allow for placement on a stand.

Step Three through Five: Wall Building and Placement

With the remaining eight number three timber pieces, follow the pictures in the slide slow, Log Cabin Birdhouse. Make sure to add glue to the tops and bottoms of each piece in the steps. View steps three though five in the Log Cabin Birdhouse slide show. Apply a small amount of pressure on each step to insure the logs stay in place.

Step Six: Eave Post Placement

In this step, you will need eight of the number one logs. One set of four number one logs will be facing away from on the first layer. Set the roof holder timbers in the slots facing you. The second set of four number one logs will be facing away from you. Be sure to place glue on each of the log pieces when putting them in place.

Step Seven: Roof Support Placement

Place glue on the four number one timber and roof support slots. Set the roof supports in place and let stand for half an hour before proceeding to step seven. See the picture in the slide show for the roof support placement.

Step Eight: Roof Slat and Chimney Placement

With the side of the slat with the groove up, glue the top side of the first slat and lay in place leaning on the roof support. Glue the top and bottom of the next roof slat and lay in place. Glue the bottom of the third roof slat and lay in place. Repeat the process for the other side of the roof.
Views of slat placement can be seen in 1a, 1b, and 1c of the Roof Slat pictures in the slide show.

Let the roof slats set for 30 minutes before proceeding to adding the chimney. Once the slats have sat for 30 minutes, apply glue to the v-shape of the chimney and place it wherever you would like.

StepNine: Polyurethane Application

Polyurethane should be applied per the directions on the can and in a well ventilated area.

Now that you have glued and placed all the pieces in place for the log cabin birdhouse, let set for three to four hours before moving. If the birdhouse doesn’t appear to be dry, let set for twenty-four hours.

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