5 Projects You Can Make from Vintage Coke Crates

Looking for some great craft project to make out of your Vintage Gym Coke Crates? These simple ideas are a great way to get those Vintage Gym Coke Crates out from your closet and out of the way in the garage. You can use these d�©cor tips and ideas inside or outside!

Don’t feet limited to only Vintage Coke Crates. Many of these craft project can be made with new or reproduction Coke Crates of all shapes and sizes. Click here to check out more ideas from Rebecca.

Side Table with Storage

For a unique side table in the bedroom or den (living room) try using four to six of those Vintage Coke Crates. Stack the Coca Cola crates up until they are the right height for a bedside table. Top off with a piece of thick beveled glass and you are finished.

Organize Your Office Supplies

Ok, so I highly recommend cleaning your Vintage Coke Crates if they have been used before this. Simply wipe them with down with soap and water, then dry immediately.

Line the Vintage Coke Crates up on your shelving in your home office or even along the back of your desk. You can place pens, paper clips, notepads, and almost anything on them. You can also rest jars in there to keep your office supplies organized. I recommend the jars to keep you really organized.

You can line the vintage Coke Crates with fabric to keep small items from falling out.

If you have a drill you could also use a screw to attach the Vintage Coke Crates to the wall. This is a great way to add vertical storage to a small space.

Keep Kids Organized

Vintage Coke Crates are the perfect way to keep the kids and all of their arts and craft gear organized in your stuff. Plus the kids can shut to hide clutter.

You can have the kids write their names on a blank index card. Poke a hole in the end and use a ribbon to tie their name on their own Coke Crates. Fill each pocket in the coke crate with pens, crayon, markers, and more.

You can also use the large openings in the Vintage Coke Crates to hold gloves, shoes, hats, and even toys. The Vintage Coke Crates will look great and hide away the mess.

Food Storage

Vintage Coke Crates are perfect to use in the food pantry. You can use them to store potatoes and onions in place of less attractive bins. Just because it is the pantry does not mean that it doesn’t have to look good.

You can also Vintage Coke Crates on the kitchen counter or table and fill them with fruit. This makes a great centerpiece, adds storage to the kitchen, and even acts as great vintage decoration. Pile those apple and oranges high and the kids can run by and grab one for as snack any time they want.

Vintage Coke Crates are great as utensil organizers and holders in the kitchen. I recommend cleaning them and sealing the inside with some polyurethane to keep the porous surface closed. This way no bacteria or dirt will soak into the Vintage Coke Crates. You can also set a plastic cup inside to keep the utensils free from touching the Coke Crates.

Bathroom Storage

A clean Vintage Coke Crate can make a beautiful way to display and store bath towels. Simple roll the towel up instead of folding them. You can place them vertically in the Vintage Coke Crates.

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