Top Cordless Hedge Trimmers for Under $100

Trimming those pesky hedges and bushes every few months can be quite a chore, especially if your property is large and contains lots of bushes. Of course, a good hedge trimmer can make the task a little simpler and easier, as well as have you complete your task quicker and more efficiently. Even better than messy gasoline powered hedge trimmer, or electric hedge trimmers, cordless hedge trimmers are a wonderful idea, eliminating the trouble of unruly cords and outlets that aren’t placed appropriately.

Some hedge trimmers can be inexpensive, but to insure you get a quality cordless hedge trimmer that will last you several years, if not longer, than you’ll probably want to invest a few more dollars into what is sure to be a wonderful outdoor accessory.

Hedge trimmers can range in price from $30 to $300, but you can find well-built cordless hedge trimmers of great quality for under $100, surely capable of tackling the toughest hedges and bushes.

The innovative Black and Decker NHT518 18-Volt Cordless Hedge Trimmer runs on a rechargeable 18-volt battery, saving you the trouble of tangled cords or cords that don’t reach far enough. The battery will supply approximately 50 minutes of runtime. Designed with an extended blade to help provide a better, smoother cut, the Black and Decker 18-volt cordless hedge trimmer uses a low vibration, dual-action blade to help reduce fatigue and improve comfort during use.

Perfectly ideal for trimming hedges and bushes, the Black and Decker 18-volt cordless hedge trimmer is powerful yet light and comfortable, and should the battery run out during use, it is easily rechargeable within 3 hours time. The blades will stay sharp year after year, and the hedge trimmer includes a blade cover to house the blades when the hedge trimmer is in storage. Smooth operation and a safety lock feature also serve to make the Black and Decker 18-volt cordless hedge trimmer a solid choice.

Black and Decker also produces a 14.4 Volt cordless hedge hog trimmer made for cutting thicker branches

Competing with the Black and Decker unit is the American Gardener RH18 18-Volt ReadyHedger Hedge Trimmer. This cordless, battery-run hedge trimmer uses quadblades for double-sided action. The powerful blades can cut through thicker hedge material with ease, and the battery can be recharged within an hour. The American Gardener Hedge Trimmer takes the burden out of hedge trimming with its lightweight design and extra-long blades. Touted as the most powerful cordless hedge trimmer, it is worthy of consideration as one of the top hedge trimmers on the market for under $100.

The Pit Bull 18V Cordless Hedge Trimmer also wields an 18V battery, providing about 30 minutes of runtime and running at 1500 RPM. Easily portable and able to reach and trim hard areas without worrying about dangling cords, the Pit Bull 18V Cordless Hedge Trimmer makes trimming hedges and bushes a snap, and the battery recharges quickly with the battery charging station and AC adaptor.

For the ultimate device to encompass all hedge trimming and detailing, you might want to consider purchasing the Homelite 18 Volt Cordless Hedge & String Trimmer Combo Kit. This solidly built hedge trimmer comes equipped with both an 18 volt hedge trimmer and an 18 volt string trimmer, along with adjustable length to easily accommodate different users and their needs. The dual-action blades on the hedge trimmer help to reduce vibration and fatigue. Two battery packs and a charger are included with the cordless hedge trimmer set, capable of recharging within 1 1/2 hours. A handy safety lock feature is also included to prevent accidental startups and accidents. Lightweight yet powerful, this cordless hedge trimmer combination is a wonderful outdoor tool suitable for all your hedge trimming needs.

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