5 Romantic Island Getaways in the Caribbean and West Indies

Truly singular hideaways of the Caribbean and West Indies tend to be smaller, privately owned and managed, and are generally designed to compliment the landscape. If you want to capture the spirit of the islands a down-home plantation or cottage stay at one of these resorts will be just perfect. Popular with honeymooners and romantic couples the islands of the Caribbean and West Indies are well liked and fashionable. Since many of the islands are private and secluded it is not uncommon to see famous faces and Hollywood starlets lying on the beach, eating in restaurants, or just relaxing. Here are five different island escapes that particularly stand out, each for their own reasons.

Hotel Frangipani – Bequia, ph. 748-458-3255 from $40 to $90 per night

Between the islands of St. Vincent and Grenada lies Bequia. Bequia is just one of the islands among a 70 mile stretch of small islands called the Grenadines. There are only a few dozen outposts dotting the junctions of the Caribbean and Atlantic, and Bequia is one of them. Known for its exceptional cuisine and natural beauty the Hotel Frangipani is a popular resort with Yachters mostly, but there are other guests occasionally.

Don’t be fooled by the cost of renting a room per night. The Hotel Frangipani is a private well staffed and catered resort. Whether you would like to have a late breakfast or drinks on the beach the Frangipani staff is there to meet each and every one of your needs. It is also extremely private and secluded being on of the few Grenadine Islands that has access to the land.

Hotel Frangipani is made up of traditional West Indian Guest Houses that were built for a sea captain during the 1930s and stonewalled bungalows. All of the Guest Houses are waterfront and are decorated with antiques. From the Bungalows you get a perfect view of Admiralty Bay. Hotel Frangipani also has a bar and on Thursdays a steel band from St. Vincent comes to entertain the guests. Fresh catches of ocean lobster and fish are served daily in the restaurant and is considered some of the best food available in the area. If you find yourself traveling the Grenadines make sure you at least stop for dinner and a drink in Bequia.

The Hermitage Inn – Nevis, ph. 800-682-4025 from $170 a night

At 800 feet above sea level, the Island of Nevis is one of the most beautiful and serene islands of the Caribbean. Generally speaking, the temperature never falls below 75 degrees Fahrenheit and never goes above 85. The weather is beautiful and sunny almost everyday. The Hermitage Resort is nestled among mango trees and tropical plants and flowers on a 15 acre property. Vervet Monkeys also roam the grounds attracted by the fruit trees, as well as crickets and frogs.

The Hermitage is a converted sugar plantation from the 17th century. The Great House is the oldest wooden structure on the island, dating back to the 1670s. The 12 Cottages are all decorated with antiques and oriental rugs. Whether you want to relax by the freshwater pool, take a nap in one of the balcony hammocks, or go horseback riding there are plenty of opportunities for fun and adventure.

The Hermitage Inn raises all of its own livestock on site keeping pigs, rabbit, and lamb. There is an Equine themed bar, garden, stocked library, sitting room, and dining veranda as well as an 18 horse stable. At night you can go to the sitting room and watch an opera or movie musical or you can have room service brings drinks to your room. Room and board are both moderately priced and almost anyone can afford to stay here for a few nights. If you’re in the area, you can’t afford not to stay! It’s so beautiful that you just have to go take a look.

Kura Hulanda – Curacao, ph. 877-264-3106 from $210 a night

The words Kura Hulanda actually mean Dutch Courtyard. This hotel is nestled in the heart of historic Willemstad on the Dutch Caribbean. This busy city is only three miles from the beach and has over 65 historic buildings and the 80 room luxury hotel of Kura Hulanda is right in the middle of it all. The Kura Hulanda was rebuilt from the ruins of an old slave trading center on a home site and the hotel has its own historical museum detailing African history and the slave trade.

The Kura Hulanda has a meeting room, a business center, spa, beach club, casino, lodge, pool, golf course, and gym as well as a courtyard and gardens. There are usually busy morning coffee and lunch crowds at the hotel restaurant with the Jacob Dekker Institute just steps away. If you are interested in Dutch and African history a stay at the Kura Hulanda is the best option for you. The hotel does attract other crowds though such as the rich and well traveled, as well as yachters and sailors.

Anse Chastanet – St. Lucias, ph. 800-233-1108 from $225 a night

The Anse Chastanet Resort is located on 600 acres just outside of the rundown fishing village of St. Lucias, and is also near Soufriere and the Piltons. The Anse Chastanet sits on a ridge overlooking the silver sands of St. Lucias Bay. The resort mainly attracts honeymooners and retired couples as well as the adventure seeking younger crowds. From mountain biking to kayaking, sailing, snorkeling, and horseback riding there are plenty of activities for the action seeker. There is also an extensive trails system for hiking enthusiasts.

The Anse Chastanet was rebuilt from the ruins of an 18th century Anse Mamin plantation and still has many mango and avocado trees. No two rooms are alike but they all incorporate the natural beauty of the island with brilliant views. The staff has been raved about because of their hospitality, great service, and willingness to help. The Anse Chastanet is semi-secluded and is the perfect mixture of ambiance and adventure.

Eden Rock – St. Barthelemy, ph. 877-563-7150 from $570 a night

If you are looking for a classic pampered island escape, a stay at Eden Rock is exactly what you are looking for. Eden Rock Hotel is located on the 8 square mile island of St. Barthelemy, also called St. Baths. This tropical escape has some of the finest beaches of the West Indies and also has two of the best French restaurants on the island. Eden Rock is located directly on the water and has water views on 3 sides, so matter where you stay in the hotel you will have an ocean view.

Eden Rock is made up of two French restaurants, cottages, suites, a beach house dubbed the Big Beach House, a private resort called the Diamond, fitness center, and spa. There is also an art gallery and studio called Jane’s Gallery and a clothing store called the Rock Shop. The Rock Shop sports fashions that are traditional to the islands in color, fabric, and styles. Because the luxury resort is so private, it is a hot spot for the rich and famous. Stay here and you may get a chance to rub elbows with Stephen Spielberg or Gwen Steffani.

There are also plenty of beach front activities like snorkeling and Scuba diving, kayaking, deep sea fishing, boating day trips, and crewed sailing voyages. Or you can rest by the pool, work out in the brand new gym, or try Yoga and Pilates. You can also go to the spa for a facial, pedicure, or manicure as well as massage and other beauty practices.

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