Spring Break Safety Tips – No Matter Where Your Destination Is

Spring Break safety is usually the last thing a young person thinks of while planning their getaway. After the destination is agreed upon, the bathing attire picked out and the itinerary scheduled, anyone planning a Spring Break trip should keep these five safety tips in mind.

1.) Use the buddy system. There is safety in numbers and it is best to do things as a group. Try to have at least three members with you at all times when leaving the hotel to frolic and have fun. Two minds are better then one but a third can usually guarantee a voice of reason. (Also, if one of you does get into trouble, the second one can stay while the third runs for extra help.)

2.) Along the same lines as the buddy system, everyone should have another friend assigned to them on group outings, especially at crowded clubs and beaches. The two of you will be responsible to have the other person in eye sight at all times and launch a search if you are missing for more then a few moments. Time is of the essence in any situation and the embarrassment of your friends barging into the bathroom is better then no one barging in at all if you are in need of help.

3.) Make sure that someone at home has all the information about your trip including hotel phone and room numbers, the members of your trip, your flight plans (if any) and times you should arrive to your destination and return from your vacation. If any of this information changes, at any time, make sure to notify your contact person. Even though it might seem like an inconvenience, take a few moments everyday to call your contact person and check in. Time can get away from you while having fun, so make sure to give a little lee away time when informing the person of your planned call times before your contact has a right to get worried and try and hunt you down.

4.) If you do not already have one, try to borrow a cell phone or purchase a pre-paid one. This will come in handy for emergencies and is worth a little extra cash for the extra measure comfort it will provide you (and your loved ones back home.).

5.) Make sure that you have your identification, emergency contact numbers as well as medical cards listing any conditions and/or allergies with you at all times. Getting sick or hurt on vacation is never in any ones plans but accidents do seem to happen at the most inopportune times.

Having fun during Spring Break should always be top priority, you are making memories that will be the inspiration for many tales to come. Following these few common sense safety tips will ensure that you and your friends return safely to share those stories. Craziness, wildness and abandonment are always encouraged during Spring Break getaways but it is always better to be safe then sorry. Safety precautions are not meant to be determents of enjoying yourself, they are simply implemented to guarantee the absence of anything but fun.

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