5 Steps to a New Addition

Planning on installing a room addition onto your home? If you’re thinking about installing a bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen addition, then you need to know these five steps towards getting a new addition installation. Use this guide to installing a room addition and know exactly what pitfalls and problems may lie in wait for you when getting a room addition installed onto your existing home.

1. Planning- Getting the most out of your room addition begins with planning. Knowing what your needs, wants and limitations are necessary when installing a room addition and is the only way to avoid problems down the line. Create a basic list of your needs and wants, and then create a list of must haves and maybes. This will help you to decide what to keep and what to leave out when defining a budget and blueprint.

2. Budgeting- A budget is more than just choosing a number and sticking to the price. It involves knowing exactly where every penny is going. Define your budget by creating a cost breakdown of tools, materials and labor costs of the addition. Once you have a detailed description of costs, you can best determine what areas of the project can be adjusted or left out all together when other expenses rise from nowhere.

3. Blueprints- Hiring the right architect starts with knowing the answers to the above steps. But it also involves a little careful consideration when deciding who to hire for the job. Plenty of references, plenty of experience with similar projects and a local in the area can ensure you’re going to get the best drawings for your room addition.

4. Permits- Room additions often require many building permits just to get the project going. Always be sure to call your local building department and verify with them first as to what type of addition you are building and its specifications before hiring a contractor.

5. Contractors- Whether you do some of the work yourself or you hire a contractor for the full process, knowing who you’re hiring for the job is in your best interests. It can be tough to find the right person for the job unless you do your research. Get plenty of references, check licenses and insurance and be sure to get multiple bids from several contractors to make sure you’re getting the best person for the job.

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