Save Space in Your Small Bathroom

A small bathroom does not always provide adequate room for necessities let alone room for knickknacks and storage. Unless homeowners are willing to invest in a costly addition or bump out walls and remodel, they must find ways to save space in a small bathroom. Consider the following low-cost ways to save space while making your small bathroom appear considerably larger. It is amazing how easily you can save space with a little time and a lot of creativity.

Shower Strategies

An open shower or a shower with a narrow frame and a clear glass door greatly enlarges the appearance of a small bathroom and is a great way to save space in a small bathroom. Choose a shower design that provides plenty of shelving for necessities, and save space by opting for a clear enclosure to make your small bathroom appear open and roomy. You will find ready-made shower enclosures to meet every budget and size constraint, or you can opt for a custom designed shower lined with stylish ceramic tiles.

Sink Savvy and Storage

A sink complete with a cabinet can be handy for storing towels, toiletries, and other bathroom necessities, but a sink with a cabinet and countertop takes up a considerable amount of space in a small restroom. To save space in your small bathroom, opt for a small pedestal sink. You will lose some hidden storage space, but you will save a considerable amount of wall and floor space in exchange.

To make up for lost storage space, take advantage of available vertical space and opt for a stylish towel bar complete with a handy towel rack. Roll an array of towels and washcloths, and creatively position them on the rack above the towel bar. For additional storage space, choose an additional matching shelf or a clear glass shelf to hang above the towel rack.

Door Dilemmas

A door that opens into a small restroom does not save space. Instead, it takes up a tremendous amount of space. Instead of an ordinary hinged door, save space in your small bathroom and consider installing a pocket door or a solid bi-fold door. Pocket doors disappear into walls when opened and save a tremendous amount of space, and bi-fold doors take up much less space than standard hinged doors. When shopping home improvement stores you will find a number of stylish door and hardware options.

Color Choices

Lighter colors open and enlarge smaller bathrooms, so instead of dark wallpaper or paint, opt for clean and crisp looking colors that lighten and brighten the room. If the ceiling is low and makes the room appear smaller, give it height with white paint. Choose lighter colored flooring, and highlight the bathroom with colorful towels, window treatments, and stylish bathroom d�©cor.

Let the Light Shine In

Light naturally enlarges the appearance of a small restroom, and if your small space has a window, do not cover it with light restricting blinds or window shades. Opt for a beautiful faux stained glass window created from realistic looking peel and stick film. This affordable window covering can be found online as well as in most home improvement stores, and it is an easy way to add privacy to a small bathroom without blocking beneficial light.

If your small bathroom does not offer natural lighting, consider updating and upgrading the existing lighting. To cast reflections in the best light, if possible, surround your bathroom mirror with vertical bar lighting. This creative strategy will provide the light you require, and it will also make your bathroom appear brighter and considerably larger.

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