How to Care for Kitchen Knives

The kitchen knife is a definite must in every kitchen in every home. But the purchase of a new knife should not be as frequent as one must have the knowledge and ability to maintain and care for a knife for its long usable life span.

Here are some simple rules to make one’s kitchen knife provide long term use.

Use a chopping board. When one uses a kitchen knife on a surface harder than itself, it dulls the knife and exposes the knife’s weak points. Thus, use a chopping board so that the knife’s edge would remain intact and sharp.

Washing instructions. Use warm water with soap when cleaning a knife. Dishwashers tend to degrade the handle in wooden knives and dull the edge of knives in general. It is thus important that knives are not washed in dishwashers.

Scouring and scarring. The use of scouring pads or other abrasive cleaners would scratch the blade. Sponges or soft cloth work best.

Discoloration. Knives are designed to be stain resistant. Discoloration occurs when acidic foods are cut up. This can be avoided by using a mild cleanser to bring back the original shine of the knife.

Dulling. With use, the sharpness of the knife lessens. Thus, regular sharpening with a whetstone or with some other tool is best for the knife.

Safety. Many accidents happen in the kitchen. Here are ways to avoid injuring one’s self when using knives. Sharp knives are safer than a dull edged one. More effort is needed when using a dull knife. Thus, it is safer to have a sharp knife as more care would be undertaken and it is easier to control. A top of the line knife must be sharpened regularly to maintain usefulness and the worth of the investment.

If the blade has just been newly sharpened, it would be very sharp. Avoid touching the blade and use a chopping board for safety. Also avoid leaving the knife in the washbasin as it may accidentally cut one when using the sink.

Avoid bones or frozen food. This dulls the blade and may even chip the metal itself. An expensive knife may lose its luster when cutting through bones or frozen meat.

Keep knives out if children’s reach. This is a safety matter that cannot be overstressed. Not only can this be misused, it can also cause grave injuries to children.

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