Smart Ways to Use Aluminum Pie Pans

You’ll reconsider baking once you see how many things an aluminum pie pan can help you do.

Perfect Pies – Every Time

Cut out the center of an aluminum pie pan so you’re left with a ring. Turn the ring upside down and place over your crust before placing in the oven. Remove the ring after cooking to reveal a beautifully browned crust!

Neater Craft Time

Still finding beads in the carpet days after your little one wrapped up her art project? Glitter is notorious for turning up in the corners and crevices of your home long after your youngster’s masterpiece has been mailed off to Grandma. Next time, contain beads, sequins and other craft supplies in a pie pan!

Bring some order to your children’s – or your own – inventory of crayons, beads, buttons, sequins, pipe cleaners, and such by sorting them in aluminum pie pans. To secure materials when storing the pans, cover each pan with a layer of plastic wrap.

Splatter Proof Your Frying

No need to panic. Why risk burning yourself or anyone else with oil splatters from a hot frying pan? Using a fork, poke holes in a pie pan, then turn upside down over the food in your frying pan. That way, you can cook anything to a golden crisp without risking a burn! When necessary lift it with a pair of tongs and don’t forget to wear a cooking glove.

Protect Floors

Love your potted plant but hate the marks it leaves on your wood floors? Just slide an aluminum pan under it!

Use an aluminum pie pan filled with about a half-inch of water to create a metal moat around your pet’s food dish.

Instant Centerpiece

Grab a pillar candle and secure to the pan by melting a little wax into the bottom. Add sand to cover the base, then surround the candle with pine cones or flower petals.

Train Your Dog

If Rover has a tendency to leap up on the sofa or kitchen counter, leave a few aluminum pie pans along the counter edges or the sofa back when you’re not home.

Stop A Thief

Are furry and feathered fiends stealing the fruit off your trees? There’s nothing better to scare off those pesky intruders than a few dangling aluminum pie pans.

Make A Mini-Dustpan

If you need a spare dustpan for your workplace or bathroom, an aluminum pie pan can fit the bill quite nicely.

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