Install a New Light Fixture

With the end of the year near, we find ourselves making resolutions to do better in the following years as we make our New Year’s resolution. More of ten than not we plan on improving something about ourselves. The most popular resolution to lose weight always ends in failure, as the TV campaigns focus on pumping their next lose weight fast item into your brains. We grow leery of our resolutions and find ourselves cursing at the end of the year and making the same resolutions over and over again. Why not make a resolution that you can keep and improve your home. Make a resolution to improve three things about you home throughout the year. No matter how small the job you will find yourself reaping the benefits long before the end of the year.

One small job that you can do is put in a new light fixture. When putting in a new light fixture you must consider many things. Think about size and style, as well as , how much light you want in that area. Look at the light that you already have and think about what you like and dislike about it. Once you have done that you can begin to decide what it is you would like in it’s place. The appropriate measurements are very important, a light to big or small would just look silly or gaudy.

Take you measurement and other ideas with you to your local home improvement store. Compare a few lights that you like including lights on clearance. Sometimes you will find exactly what you need on sale. Look at the sizes, style, wattage, and how easy the instructions are to understand. Don’t neglect to look for efficiency to. If you take extra time to see how efficient the light fixture is you may find yourself saving money as well. Once you have decided which light fixture is best for you home and your budget, buy it.

At home is where the fun begins. If you feel like you can not handle the job comfortably hire a licensed electrician. If you have homeowners insurance you may have to hire and electrician anyway to keep you insurance. If you are confident in changing the fixture remember to always turn the electricity off. Never work on electrical things with the power on. After turning off the electricity remove the old fixture and then following the direction in the new fixtures box put the new one up. Remember that each step is important and a wrong move could cost you your life or home. When you are done turn the electricity on and enjoy.

A new fixture is just what you home may have needed and it is definitely instant gratification for you. This is something that proves that you are a strong willed individual capable of fulfilling your new year’s resolutions and with one of the three home improvement done you can finish the other ones in no time. This is the best resolution you could ever have because it gives every year. Each time you look at that light you can glow in the knowledge that you accomplished it and with the right choices you electric bill could even show improvement. Why not give that type of New Year’s resolution at try, when if can improve your life and confidence.

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