The Canadian Shield’s Minerals and Vegetation


Gold. Copper. Lead. All kinds of precious minerals and metals. Things that your jewelry and electronics need! If you like luminous and lustrous gold then the Canadian shield is for you! Did you know that the Canadian shield contains very precious minerals, metals like gold, copper, lead, zinc, and nickel. Plus these minerals are easy to ascertain! A good question that you may ask is how come these valuable minerals are easy to detect? Well imagine some glaciers as they are moving about, the movement of the glaciers collide with solid rock stripping the top layers revealing a thin layer of rock or thin soil over the minerals hiding the minerals like a treasure chest being locked. Because of this, it attracts a lot of mining companies to this open market of valuable minerals. Vegetation

If you like boreal forests, than this is your place! The Canadian shield is a home to boreal forests which contains trees like evergreens, spruces, pines, and fir trees. How do they survive in the shields thin sandy soil? Well, the trees that grow there are of course used to it! Some more trees that grow there are deciduous trees like for example poplar, and birch. The paper industry and the pulp industry are especially interested in these types of trees than logging since the trees are small and fragile. What about the northern part of the Canadian shield? Well, since there is permafrost, too little precipitation, and the growing season is very short there are usually no trees.

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