Where to Find Free Home Design Software

After searching for countless hours on the internet for home design software, I have found the best of the best. I realized after hanging up the phone with a local space planner and designer, that I was going to have to come up with a plan all of my own, because more than twenty percent of the renovation budget was being used to pay the designer! This portion could be used to buy supplies, furniture or pay the appropriate professionals – why was I throwing money away when so many ideas and resources were available on the internet? Here are some of the best free home design resources that I discovered.

SmartDraw.com offers free software that allows you to start off with templates, rather than a blank slate. It allows you to move and delete aspects of the room, and elements of design to create a room just like the one you are trying to design. There are business floor plans, as well as residential floor plans that come in handy during the early stages of planning a room. Any well planned space is sure to be a success with this software.

Google sketch up is one of my favorite software. Google makes some great free software, and this is one of the top notch examples of these services. It allows you to create 3d models which can come in handy when creating design ideas for the exterior of your home.

Envisioneer Express is one of those programs that offer solid tips, advice and floor plans as well as interior designs. It can be found at The Home Depot website. With the free package you get design ideas for inside, design ideas for the exterior, and yard of the home as well as floor planning, and color planning ideas. This is one of the most user-friendly software systems; it seems everything is just a click away. It can be downloaded for free at the website TopShareWare.com and comes with no access fees. Inserting a wall into a room has never been so easy!

With these three tips, as well as color planning available interior design is ready for the do-it-yourself crowd. Never has it been so simple to design your home.

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