The HGTV 2008 Dream Home Giveaway

If you like HGTV then you have probably heard of the “Dream Home Giveaway”. The 2007 winner was announced and appeared on Oprah. For 2008 it seems that HGTV has chosen to build the 2008 home in Florida, in addition to giving everyone the opportunity to go green. What does going green mean? Well in this case it would mean the opportunity to have your home custom built and fully furnished. The home will actually be using materials that are good for the environment, and that will save you money. This is something that HGTV is trying to do in order to help improve the environment. They will be posting more information on the contest soon so make sure that you watch HGTV closely.

The 2008 Dream Home Giveaway begins on January 1, 2008. So instead of having just one giveaway next year they will have multiple giveaways. They are also going to be having more shows on how you can make your hose more environmentally friendly.

There are millions of people who try to win the HGTV dream home giveaway each year. Of course you can only enter once a day online it is still nice to see what new feature that will add to each house that they build. Another feature that many people find fascinating about the contests the HGTV has is that they always make them different and very exciting. No matter who you talk to it seems that each member of your family is able to find something that they really liked. One of the highlights of this contest is that fact that they announce the winner each year live on television. This makes it even more exciting, for the winner that is. At least this is one contest that will not cost you any money, and it is exciting to watch.

Regardless of whether or not you win you can still learn a lot about homes from tuning in to HGTV on a daily basis. They are always coming up with great new ideas and suggestions on how to make your home look great. Especially when it comes to their dream homes. Since each year they put their dream homes in different areas it will definitely give you the opportunity to be exposed to the possibility of living in that area. If you have to done so lately why not stop by the HGTV website and see what new ideas they have. You may find a way to redo your whole house for a very small amount of money.

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