Lower Electricity Bills with the T-Fal Toaster Oven

In my kitchen, the T-fal Toaster oven has become a mini oven with many possibilities unsurpassable. After receiving our toaster oven as a wedding present, we have decreased our electricity bill and have given our toaster to charity. With the recessing economy, saving money on the increasing electricity rates is more than important for most American households, so the T-Fal Toaster Oven is a great investment for any small family looking to save a few pennies.

The T-Fal has the option to toast, bake and/or keep warm. Since our kitchen is already full of many small appliances with very little room for much more, this multitasking toaster oven is the perfect choice. My family uses it in the morning for toast; it makes around 4 normal sized slices in a few minutes. For lunch we heat up sandwiches or leftovers without drying the food out in the microwave. For dinner we have been known to cook Cornish hens with the “bake” option at 350 degrees. The toaster oven has the ability to go up to around 500 degrees, higher than our oven. Since the toaster oven is smaller than a standard conventional oven, meals bake faster and in general uses up less electricity. A toaster oven uses up much less electricity than a toaster oven since the inside cavity is smaller and takes up less time to heat up completely.

On top of the toaster oven is a metal door that releases upwards with a handle. Inside is a small warmer that keeps food warm while cooking other food or heats food slowly when baking in the toaster oven part. We love to warm homemade rolls or bread while cooking in the toaster oven. Then if someone is late for dinner, simply place the full plate in the warmer and the food will stay warm while waiting. The only negative part of the toaster oven warmer is that it does take up more space than a traditional box toaster oven. Since the door released upwards, it can not easily fit under a cabinet on a countertop in the kitchen. Nothing can be above it. But, if you have room, the T-Fal Toaster Oven should be chosen without much thought.

The T-Fal Toaster Oven is easy to clean and saves time and energy for smaller families. It is a perfect addition to any kitchen and costs very little compared to other toaster ovens in comparison. My family loves the convenience of this handy appliance and we are sure everyone else will love it too.

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