Simple Shelving Installation Made Simpler!

Could you use some simple shelving to help organize storage in your home? Do your closets’ contents fall on top of you when you open the doors?
You definitely need some simple shelving! And, “simple” means it is not real difficult to install.

Simple instructions for installation of simple shelving is as follows:

1) Measure the wall space (height and widths) where you would like to install your simple shelving.
2) Determine the number of shelves to be installed, using the above measurements.
3) Procure the necessary installation items, available at most home-centers:
a. Melamine shelving: Melamine shelving is available in several lengths and widths. Try to get materials which will not need to be cut if possible, as cutting this type of shelving leaves a “raw” end (unless you feel like gluing some Melamine tape over it).
b. Vertical-tracks (receives shelf-brackets): Also available in several lengths. Pick the minimum length needed for your chosen shelf spacing. You can visually check this at the store by inserting a number of shelf brackets into a vertical-track to get a good idea how your spacing will work on the various lengths of vertical-track available.
Be sure you get enough vertical supports to safely hold your intended items.
c. Shelf brackets: Be sure you get enough shelf-brackets for the number of vertical-tracks you intend to install. Multiply the number of vertical-tracks by the number of intended shelves to get the number of shelf-brackets needed. Also, be sure to pick the proper shelf-bracket size and design (ensure that it fits into the vertical-track you will be using, and that it will work satisfactorily with the style and size of shelving you will be using).
d. Drywall anchors: I like the plastic type that looks like a large screw; pick one with a high load-rating, to ensure adequate support. Note: These anchors will only be necessary if you cannot anchor the vertical-tracks directly to wall studs. If you are certain you will be able to anchor the vertical-tracks to studs, you may omit this item.
e. Drywall or deck screws: Be sure to get long enough and strong enough screws to penetrate the thickness of your drywall, plus the thickness of the vertical support, plus 1 to 1 1/2 inch(es), in order to ensure they will penetrate far enough into the studs behind the drywall to provide adequate support.
f. Drywall or deck screws: In the event you will need to use the drywall anchors (d), it is best NOT to use screws that are too long (can cause the anchor to lose its ‘grip’ in the drywall), so you might need to get some that are perhaps 1/2 inch to 1 inch shorter than what you chose for (e). Likewise, these screws should be somewhat less diameter than those chosen for (e). Review the manufacturer’s screw size recommendations for best results.

That should be all that is needed! Now you are ready to tackle the installation of your simple shelving!

To Install Simple Shelving:
Note: These simple instructions assume that you have procured the lengths of shelving you desire, and no cutting will be required.

-Wear appropriate eye, hand, skin and respiratory protection.

Tools Required:
-Stud finder (if available)
-Cordless (preferred) drill with proper screwdriver bit to fit screws to be used.
-Measuring tape
You may also need a hammer (to tap some of the hardware for adjustments as you go along), and maybe a hand-held screwdriver (to help start screws, etc.)

Simple Instructions:
1) Clean out anything in the closet or area you will be installing your simple shelving, to minimize the need to work over or around obstacles.
2) Locate and mark the studs along the wall(s) where you will be installing your simple shelving.
3) If at all possible, choose stud locations to attach the vertical-tracks.
4) Once stud locations are marked, select and mark a point (at one of the studs you will be anchoring to) where you want the highest shelf to be located.
5) Insert one shelf bracket into a vertical support and hold it against the wall so the top of the bracket lines up with the mark made in #4. Now, mark the TOP of the vertical support.
6) After removing the shelf bracket (used in #5), hold the vertical support so the TOP is on the mark you made in step 5.
7) Using a (preferably cordless) drill with the proper driver bit for the type of screws you have, drive one screw through the top-most pre-drilled hole in the vertical support.
8) Hold a level against the side of the vertical support; move the support as needed so it is “plumb”. Now, drive a second screw in one of the lower pre-drilled holes in the vertical support. Drive additional screws through all other pre-drilled holes in the vertical support.
9) Repeat these steps for each vertical support needed across the wall. Be sure to use your level to transfer your mark for the TOPS of the vertical supports, and be sure to “plumb” each vertical support!
10) Once all vertical supports are plumb and anchored securely, install the shelf brackets in the desired locations to give you the layout you planned for.
11) Once all brackets are installed, simply set your Melamine shelving on top of the brackets……..and, VOILA! You have just successfully installed simple shelving!

Note: If it is not possible to anchor your vertical-tracks to wall-studs, and you must install a vertical-track between wall-studs, use the drywall anchors by simply marking (on the wall) the locations of the pre-drilled holes in the vertical-tracks. Then, using your drill motor, you can actually “drill” these anchors into the drywall at your marks (they are designed to self-drill). Then, holding the vertical-track on your top-mark, you can drive your screws (remember to use the right screws!) through the vertical-track holes and into the moly-anchors. Caution: Do not attempt to “over-tighten” these, as the moly-anchors may lose their ‘grip’ in the drywall.

Now you can use your simple shelving for some simple organizing!

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