5 Things to Consider Before Putting a Hot Tub Indoors

Many people enjoy the idea of an indoor hot tub because it provides privacy, convenience, and a touch of luxury at home. As appealing as the idea of a bubbling hot tub is, there are certainly some things to consider before putting a hot tub indoors. Do you have adequate space and floor support? Are you prepared for the potential maintenance and repair cost of an indoor hot tub? Before you buy, consider the following:

Size consideration – When it comes to a hot tub, size does matter. Will the size of hot tub you want or need fit into your home? If you’ve been price shopping for a tub, you know that a good model is not cheap, thus you certainly do not want to ‘settle’ on a smaller size so that you can fit it will fit indoors. You will only be unhappy with your purchase. Not only will the hot tub need to fit in the room, but it will need to be able to fit into the room. Are the doorways wide enough to accommodate the tub?

Flooring issues – Before you bring a hot tub indoors, you need to verify that the floor will actually support its weight. A hot tub is extremely heavy in itself. Add to that the weight of water and people sitting in the tub, and there is a danger of the floor caving in. To eliminate safety concerns, have a certified contractor come in and inspect the flooring. If the inspection fails, the floor may be able to be reinforced to accommodate the hot tub after construction.

Plumbing – An indoor hot tub may require special plumbing connections to drain and fill water to and from the unit. Are you prepared to pay a plumber to perform this work? Moreover, you will need to be sure that the room you place the hot tub in will be near an area outdoors where water can be safely dumped. Keep in mind that hot tubs have the potential to leak, as well. Pipes burst, seals wear down, and leaks and drips can happen.

Ventilation – The best thing about having a hot tub is the therapeutic moist heat and jet massage it provides. However, this is also one of the key concerns about placing a hot tub indoors. That moist heat creates a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Proper ventilation is an absolute must. A bathroom ventilation system will certainly help reduce the amount of moisture in the air, but it will need to be installed by a professional.

Chemical smell – Another thing to consider before placing a hot tub indoors is the chemical odor. When a hot tub is outdoors, the odors are easily aired out from the chemicals in the tub. However, when the unit is indoors, the scent can be stronger and more difficult to remove. If you have someone in the family with asthma or respiratory issues, this may be a problem for them.

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