Vintage Juice Glasses Light Fixture Project

I love Vintage Juice Glasses and nothing is better than to have them out on display. This is an easy light fixture cover you can make out of simple plywood and some Vintage Juice Glasses.

This is the perfect vintage project for some affordable updated lighting whether you rent or own. Simply build this Vintage Juice Glass light fixture cover and install it over existing light fixtures with L brackets. It only makes two small holes in the wall, which can easily be patched when you move out.

The best feature of this Vintage Juice Glass light fixture is that you don’t have to do any electrical work. It should cost you about $30 or less, especially if you already have a Vintage Juice Glass collection.

You can also make this easy project in one day in only a few hours. It will take longer for the paint to dry then to actually make the light fixture.

To Make a Vintage Juice Glass light Fixture You Will Need:

4 Pieces of Plywood (cut to size, recommendations to follow)

Vintage Juice Glasses (About 10 to 20, depending on length of light fixture)

Epoxy Glue

White Semi Gloss Paint

Colorful Paints (Optional)

6 L Brackets

The first step to making this Vintage Juice Glass light fixture is to measure the existing light fixture you are going to cover. The light I intend to cover measures 36 inches long, 5 inches tall, and 4 inches deep.

Now, you are going to need four pieces of plywood. You are making a box without a front or back. I bought a 2X10 piece of pine at Home Depot for this project. I cut two pieces 40 inches long and two pieces 6 inches long. This will give me two pieces for the top and bottom that are slightly longer than my light fixture. The two smaller pieces are 6 inches long, which will make the sides of the box slightly deeper than the existing light fixture.

Use you L bracket s to assemble your rectangular box. Lightly sand it and then paint on a coat of primer. Once the primer has dried add a coat of milk paint in white, or whatever color you choose.

Milk paint is perfect for vintage craft projects.

Attach one L bracket to the left top of the box on the side. Repeat this on the top right inside of the box. Now, screw these L brackets into the wall.

Now you have a few choices to make about your light fixture project now. The Vintage Juice Glass are going to sit on the shelf you have created to hide your existing outdated light fixture.

You can add a piece of frosted Plexiglas inside if your small Vintage Juice Glasses are not hiding the light bulbs as well as you would like.

You could also fill the Vintage Juice Glasses with colorful glass marbles or tumbled sea glass for a great colorful effect. This is the time to be unique and creative, so show off you own taste here.

You can use your epoxy glue to fasten these Vintage Juice Glasses down to your light fixture, just remember you are going to need to get in there to change out light bulbs. So you may want to leave the Vintage Juice Glasses in front of the bulbs with out any glue.

For a little extra detail you could frame the edge of the front of the light fixture in picture frame molding. It will really finish off the look and make it professional.

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