Five Types of Pneumatic Nailers

Pneumatic nails can be used for many different reasons. What you plan on doing with this tool will determine that type that you need. Some of the main types include finish, framing, flooring, and brad. This article will discuss some of the different types of pneumatic nailers.


One of the first types is the finishing nailer. These pneumatic nailers are light and are made for using with delicate furniture, molding, and cabinets. They shoot nails that are stronger and longer than those used in brad nailers. Finishing pneumatic nailers also shoot nails with special heads that can be hidden with putty.


One of the next types of pneumatic nailers is the brad design. They are are also lightweight and are ideal to use when you are working with thinner materials. These pneumatic nailers deliver nails with extreme precision and delicacy. However, they are not very strong, so you may find it necessary to use wood glue with them.


There are also framing pneumatic nailers. These tools are incredibly powerful and are designed to drive large nails into thicker materials. Framing nailers can shoot nails from two to four inches long. These pneumatic nailers are used when you need speed and power when working with large materials. They are perfect for building docks, homes, and garages.


As the name suggests, roofing pneumatic nailers are used for roof applications. They are specifically designed to nail down shingles on your roof. If you rarely work with shingles, then you will definitely need to get one of the other types of pneumatic nailers.


One of the final types of pneumatic nailers is the palm design. They are designed to fit in the palm of your hand. These don’t load with a coil or strip of nails. Instead, you can only load one nail at a time by attaching it to a magnetic guide. These pneumatic nailers are ideal for confined areas that won’t accommodate larger designs.

These are some of the different types of pneumatic nailers. Finishing nailers are light and made for working with cabinets, molding, and furniture. Framing pneumatic nailers are designed to drive large nails into thicker materials. They are incredibly fast and powerful and are perfect for building homes and garages. If you need a nailer that is small enough to use in confined areas, you should get a palm design. However, you will only be able to load one nail at a time.

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