The Top 5 Compact Washers

I live in a tiny apartment. And for me, a compact washer makes more sense than a standard sized model. They are less expensive and less hassle to take with me when I move. If a compact washer sounds like it will work for you too, check out the top 5 models on the market.

Avanti W798SS Stainless Top-Load Portable Washer

This compact washer is reasonably priced (under $400), and comes with a snazzy stainless steel finish. It makes a great addition to any apartment without a laundry area. The Avanti is mounted on rollers, which comes in handy when rolling it to the sink to hook it up to the water supply. This model is ideally suited for the single as it only has a 12 pound capacity. But, it is fully automated and has a user friendly digital control panel. But its best feature is its quiet wash cycle. It is so quiet that you can watch television in the next room without having to turn up the volume and disturb the neighbors. Check out to order one now.

Danby DWM99W Portable Top-Load Compact Washer

The Danby is simple to use in the tightest of corners. This portable washer does not require a washing machine hook up, and like the Avanti can be quickly and easily connected to your faucet. This top-load washer features four water level settings which conserve resources and make for shorter washing cycle. And the Danby allows you to use cold, warm or hot water for your clothing. Plus it features five wash cycles to choose from which is more than many other compact washers offer. It only holds around 9 pounds of laundry, but what it lacks in space it makes up in price at around $400. Go to for more information.

Maytag Front-Loading Compact Washer MAH2400

The Maytag is only 23-1/2 inches across the front, while most front loading machines take up a full 27 inches. This model has a 2.4-cubic-foot interior and is ideal for 1 to 2 people in a household or for the whole family during a weekend holiday. The Maytag Compact has automatic temperature and water level settings unlike most compact models. And it is a high-efficiency model which means that it has a super fast spin speed which cuts down on your drying time. All those snazzy options show up in the price tag though. The Maytag will run you around $800. Check out for more information.

Whirlpool Portable Compact Washer LCE4332P

This is one of the smallest portable compact washers out there at 22-5/16 inches wide, which makes it perfect for a single person. At around $1000, it is expensive for its size but it offers the option of four wash cycles that can handle delicates, lingerie, swimsuits, and just about anything else. It also features three motor speeds and three temperatures. This guy hooks up to the sink, but it also comes with a permanent installation option if you should move into a place with a hook up later on. Check out for more information.

Haier Compact Washing Machine HLP21E

The Haier compact is teeny tiny, so you’ll want to use it often to keep the laundry from piling up. This compact machine offers adjustable water levels like the Danby, but the Haier features electronic controls which make it easier to use. And, this machine offers heavy, normal, and quick settings which lets you wash everything from jeans to delicates to lingerie. The Haier also features an easy to remove lint collector which some full size models don’t even have. And the legs are adjustable to make sure that your spin cycle stays smooth. But the best aspect of this machine is its low, low $200 price. Check out for more ordering information.

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