How to Properly Install Track Lighting

Track lighting is a really fantastic way to light a room. It gives a sleek, modern appearance, keeps lighting fixtures out of the way of furniture and the like, and provides nice, even lighting to the entire room. Installing it can be done with ease by simply following these instructions:

The supplies you need are few and the time it takes to complete this project is minimal, but the results can be stunning.

Supply List:

The track lighting kit, including mounting hardware and lights


Drill with drill bit (specified size of bit will come from manufacturer’s directions)


Tape Measure


First of all, determine the spot on the ceiling where you will be placing your lighting. Mark the spot.

Next measure from the edge of the ceiling to where you are placing the track. Make a mark approximately where the ends are and the middle. This is just to ensure that you are installing the track at equal measures from the wall so the finished product will not need tweaked, or worse, redone completely.

Now it is time to put up your mounting bracket, per manufacturer’s instructions., taking care to firmly snap the track inside of it.

Drill holes for support in the designated positions, using the recommended drill bit size to create the proper hole.

Screw anchors inside of the holes you just drilled. Do not tighten the screws yet at this point.

Put your track into its proper position by swinging it in place and snapping it.

Now you can tap your anchors into place with a hammer and tighten up those screws, being careful not to over tighten them.

Your lights can be put into place by sliding and snapping them where you want them to be. Make sure you choose where the lights will best fit by assessing where the room will actually need the most light. You might have the inclination to put the lighting in where you think it is most visually pleasing, as far as the actual hardware goes, but that will not allow you to utilize the true benefits of this type of lighting. Instead, place the lighting so that it will be the most effective to serve the needs you will have in the room, as far as light needs go.

You can add features to the lighting, such as a timer or a motion sensor, if these options appeal to you and fit in with the needs of the room you are putting them in.

Installing track lighting is fairly simple and can make a great deal of difference in the overall appearance and feel that a room projects. Remember when working with anything electric to ensure that the power source is turned off prior to beginning a job.

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