Six Ways to Drastically Lower Your Electric Bill – Now

Energy bills keep rising and it’s causing many people to have to cut back on food, clothing, and other essentials. But you can lower your electric bill drastically by following a few useful tips:

If you have central air and heat there are a few things you can do to lower the amount of energy it uses. One is to shut off vents in certain rooms. A small bathroom, a bedroom that no one sleeps in – these are all places where you can possibly close a vent and save. If the vent doesn’t feature a way to close it, lift the vent out, tape cardboard to the back, and put it back in the floor or wall.

Save even more on air by using window units in your bedrooms. At night you can shut the central air off and only cool the bedrooms; you’ll save plenty.

The hot water heater uses quite a lot of energy but you’ll see your power bill go down a little when you wrap it with a hot water heater jacket. You can test to see if you need one by feeling the side of the hot water heater. If it feels warm you need to put a jacket on it. Another way to save on energy is to shut the hot water heater off when you go to bed, and when you leave for work. Just flip the switch at the breaker; it takes only about 20 minutes to heat the water once the breaker is turned back on.

Cool your attic and you can save considerably on your energy bill. Invest in a fan to blow hot air out of the attic and you’ll be surprised at how much that will save. When the attic is hot, the ceilings in your home are hot, and it takes more air conditioning to cool the house.

Keep the refrigerator from using as much energy as it normally does by using cardboard boxes. If the refrigerator and/or freezer aren’t full, fill them the remainder of the way with cardboard boxes. The refrigerator or freezer will use more energy cooling empty spaces, so fill those spaces up, and enjoy the savings.

In the summer, hang drapes that feature a thick backing, or even blackout curtains, to keep the cool air in and the heat out. Part a curtain or two – just a little – so that you can see without turning on lights. In cold months, hang light-colored curtains that allow sunlight in. Also, light-colored furniture throws, tablecloths, and bedding, and clothing, is cooler in the summer, making it feel like you need less air conditioning. Use darker versions to feel warmer in the winter.

Those power bills are going to keep on coming, and continue climbing, unless you take drastic measures to lower them. Follow all of the steps listed here and you’ll see a huge reduction in the price of electricity at your home.
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