Simple Ways to Spruce Up Your House to Sell it Faster

If you are trying to sell your house in today’s depressed market, you will need to make it as attractive as possible to prospective buyers. “Sometimes, simple fixes like installing brighter light bulbs and updating old fixtures can make a big difference,” says Steve Berges, author of 101 Cost-Effective Ways To Increase the Value of Your Home. When you pick the right projects, it is possible to make more money than what the makeover cost. Check out some of the ways you can spruce up your house before you put it on the market.

Replace countertops with a low cost material such as Formica. If you have old and out-dated countertops, you can spruce up your kitchen by just adding some new countertops in a modern pattern. Countertops are not hard to install and most home improvements stores will do it for you for an extra charge.

Re-paint your walls and ceilings. Put on a fresh coat of paint, as it is usually the first thing buyers see when they walk in the house. If you have bold colors in some parts of your house, re-paint them a neutral tone. Having neutral colors appeals to more buyers as not everyone has the same taste as you.

Buy inexpensive fluorescent light bulbs to brighten your home.

Install new faucets in the sink in the kitchen and bathrooms. It is easy and adds an up-dated look to the room.

Install new light fixtures in rooms if they are old and out of style. Simple light fixtures are not that expensive but they can definitely add value to a room. They are also easy to install yourself.

Landscape your yard. Keep your yard looking nice. Make sure the trees and bushes are pruned and the grass is cut. Plant some nice flowers in the front yard for an added effect. Cut down any greenery that blocks your windows and keeps light out of the house.

Unclutter your home. Make sure that rooms are not too crowded with your stuff. It will make your home look smaller and will make it unattractive to buyers. While selling your house, you may have to rent an off-site storage so that you can store some of your stuff that you do not need in the home. Buyers want to be able to see what the room will look like with their stuff in it, not with all your junk in it.

Make sure your house is clean inside and out. Make sure the exterior of the house is clean. The gutters are clean, the siding has been washed and the backyard is clean of garbage. Next, make sure the inside is clean. Clean the floors, the windows, the walls, all surfaces and keep the house smelling fresh.

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