Must Have Power Tools for Women

Now I know that there are other women out there like me. That just the thought of using a power tool gets them all hot and bothered, much less what happens when you actually use one. I have a wide variety of power tools in my collection. From reciprocating saws, orbital sanders, and your basic cordless drill, there are many must have tools. Although I am always adding to my collection and replacing some with more powerful models there are a few tools that I could never live without.

1. A cordless drill. I use mine at least once a week. From putting together furniture, hanging stuff on the wall, or simple crafty projects the cordless drill is the handiest power tool that I own. It is a beauty too. An 18-volt Dewalt that came with an extra battery and plastic carrying case, it was the Mac daddy of drills when it was brand new.
2. A jig saw. A jigsaw is one of the most versatile saws that you can own. I have cut drywall, plywood, particleboard; you name it I have cut through it with a jigsaw. They are great for small projects, it is easy to use

3. The Mouse sander. My mouse sander is by Black and Decker. It pretty much is just a smaller version of an orbital sander. It is great for getting into corners and small spots. The Mouse sander is also great for craft projects because it is small, easy to use, and fits into the palm of your hand.

4. A miter saw. My first miter saw was small but mighty. It only had a 7 �¼-inch blade and was perfect for cutting trim work and other boards that were about 5 inches wide or less. You could make straight cuts on larger boards by simply turning the board around and making a second cut.

5. A good hammer. Now I know this is not a power tool but every woman needs a good hammer in her possession. Not for beating your husband over the head (a hammer leaves distinguishing marks) but for many projects around the house. Hammers are very handy and a tool you do not think you will miss until it is gone.

These are just a few of the tool I have in my tool chest. I am not sure why power tools get me all hot and bothered the way they do but I can say that all my husbands friends envy him in that respect. Most of their wives do not know a Phillips head screwdriver from a flat head screwdriver much less the difference in power tools and what they do.

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