5 Tips to Help Motivate Your Kids to Clean Bedrooms and Do Chores

Most of us all dislike having to nag or yell at the kids to clean the bedroom. How many times have we heard these lines “Mom, I’m the one that has to live in my room so what does it matter what it looks like” ? More times that we can count. Sure, we often laugh about it. You can learn five tips in this article to help motivate your kids to clean bedrooms.

1. Give them small rewards for each chore completed. Each time the kids clean their bedroom then give them a reward. Kids like rewards. You can buy them a treat or give them an allowance each month. Make sure that you give them a little reward each time. After a while then they will get so use to cleaning their bedroom that it becomes something that they do on a regular basis without being nagged to do. They will eventually look forward to cleaning their room.

2. Have a chore chart with stickers. If you have a chore chart that indicates which reward they will get after they complete each chore then it will help motivate them also. You can also put stickers and other cute things on the chore chart. It may help to have a little party for the kids if they complete a certain amount of chores by the end of the month.

3. Work together as a team to get chores completed. It is true that teams accomplish more work than one individual. Working together as a team can be fun and able to spend time together with the kids. Some kids enjoy helping mom and dad wash the dishes or make meals.

4. You can offer to make cookies for the kids when they clean their rooms. The kids will get motivated to clean their rooms if you offer to make cookies. They may even want to help you make the cookies. Most kids love to help make treats and cookies. They would love to give cookies to everyone in their class too.

5. Make it a game that is fun and exciting. You can offer an extra reward for whoever cleans their bedroom first. If it is a race then they will be excited to clean the room in order to get a extra prize. When you make chores something fun to do then parents don’t have to nag as much. You will most likely notice a difference in the kids doing chores while not complaining as much.

Kids like to be entertained. If chores are turned into something fun and exciting to do then they will complain less. Kids look forward to doing chores when they have plenty of time to do chores without getting yelled at or nagged constantly. Why should you reward for chores? Chores will help kids learn at a early age the importance of cleaning and basics of taking care of a house. Good Luck!

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