How to Quiet a Fussy Baby

A fussy baby is a true challenge for parents and  makes sure that the parents have a sleep deprived night and a stressful day. Babies hust cannot help it. They cannot express themselves and crying is the only way of telling parents that something is wrong.

The reasons for a fussy baby could be many and it is on the parent to guess according to the present needs and situation of the baby. It could be related to food, sleep, diaper and several other issues including health. There are however some universal tips that most parents can benefit from.


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    Understanding the baby is the most important thing. Only a parent can really know what is wrong with the baby and how to quieten him or her. Some babies want the parent to pick them up for a walk outside while others want to be patted to sleep. Knowing what the baby wants is something that parents learn over time.

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    Catering to the immediate needs can put an end to the fuss.

    Has the baby been fed enough?

    Is his or her diaper dry?

    Is the body temperature and feces normal?

    Did he/she have adequate sleep?

    The answers to these questions should all be in positive. If one or two of them are in negative, you know what is wrong.

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    If the baby is unable to sleep and keeps on crying, take him or her for a warm bath. Let the water run over his/her body for sometime. Now bring the baby back and wrap in the towel.  After feeding the baby, massage the body with some lotion and use the movement of your hands to put him or her to sleep.

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    With most babies, swaddling helps in making them quiet. A baby is swaddled by wrapping him/her up tightly in fabric, starting from the feet till the shoulders. This limits the movement of the baby and gives a resting signal.

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    Babies also develop affiliation with the voice of the parent. Parents can exploit it by assigning a lullaby or tune for the baby which signals rest time. Simple shushing in the ears of the baby also proves very helpful. Make sure that the lullaby is repeated regularly and is unchanged so that the baby grows used to it and the meaning it underlies.

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    The lighting of the sleeping area should be dim for comfortable sleep of the baby and his or her bedding should be soft enough.

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