5 Top Landscaping Companies in Pensacola, Florida

Summer is here and it’s hot outside, with that comes the need to get the yard back into shape. The winter is gone and the grass and weeds are growing like crazy. It’s time to think of how you are going to maintain and get that yard looking like a picture in Better Homes and Gardens. For some of us, we just don’t have the time and the knowledge for this. Landscaping is an art, it takes time and skills that most people do not realize. Here are five companies in Pensacola, Florida that I have researched and found to be at the top. They rated excellent with job performance, dependability, and just downright good attitudes. All of these companies do a variety different jobs pertaining to lawn and landscaping. They do everything from mowing, tilling, shrub removal, weeds, land clearing etc. These are all full service complete lawn care services, so whatever your needs are pertaining to your yard you can call one of them to take care of your needs.

ROBS LAWN & LANDSCAPING SERVICE– I’ve started with them because I have personally used them. After the winter I needed clean up and trees planted. They came the same day I called and gave me an estimate. They were very polite and took the time to help me find the best spots to plant my trees where they would grow better. They did excellent work and were very reasonable; when the job was finished they asked me to look and see if it was OK and if I needed anything else. A week later they called to see how the trees were doing. I will be using them again to create a garden I am planning.

They are located in Pensacola and can be reached at 850-305-6608 or 850-336-3704 ask for Rob or Todd.

WILLOW LANDSCAPING AND LAWN CARE– This Company is also know for their good work, they offer everything from planting trees to cutting your lawn. They also have good references and are very reliable. Willow Landscaping is also known to come out quick and help you with any landscaping designs you can think of.

They are located in Pensacola and can be reached at 850-453-4668.

GUARDIAN SERVICES– This is another company with good references for their quality work. They do complete lawn care and deal with alot of home owner associations – which we know can be very picky! They are known for doing alot of larger jobs that others will not do.

They are located in Pensacola and can be reached at 850-981-8052 or 850-698-2057.

ALL COUNTY LANDSCAPING AND TREE SERVICE– This company has been in business 18 years, so it’s known that they have a good reputation. They are alot bigger than the other companies and have a larger work load, but they have stood their ground and have been able to keep up with many other companies. Their specialty is stump grinding and land clearing.

They are located in Pensacola and can be reached at 850-456-1225 or 850-698-3534.

DMAD’S OUTDOOR MAINTENANCE– This Company is well known locally for their palms and trees across town. They can do anything from weeding to complete landscaping design. Another bonus to this company is that they offer senior and military discounts.

They are located in Pensacola and can be reached at 850-207-7283.

Whatever your lawn care needs are, if you need flowers planted or your weeds pulled you can call anyone of these companies. They all give free estimates! The only problem is that your neighbors will be jealous when they look at your yard!

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