How to Maximize Your Freezer Space

I just moved into an apartment. Its nice, don’t get me wrong. In fact, its freaking awesome. Everything is in tip-top shape and all my appliances are brand new. Since it is an apartment though, my kitchen is rather small, and so is my refrigerator, more so, my freezer.

Now for the record, I never buy an overabundance of food, but for whatever reason, there never seems to be much freezer space, in any fridge for that matter. I’ve thought long and hard and have come up with a few ways to maximize your freezer space and maintain the ability to not lose track of the items inside.

You’ll first need to remove all the contents of the freezer. If you happen to have a few coolers handy, toss everything into them to keep all of the contents cold. Locate the odds and ends from the freezer, like solo Popsicles or items that were once part of a larger package which is no longer in the freezer. Place all of these smaller items in the door compartments so that they are all in one place and not scattered randomly throughout the freezer.

Next, anything that is packaged in boxes, designate a shelf and side of that shelf for these items to reside. Anything that you know you will use or need more often keep towards the front. Locate a spot for all of the bagged items, like frozen veggies or meals. Items like bagged chicken or meat you’ve frozen (beef, hotdogs, pork chops, steak) keep in one area of the freezer separate from other items.

You may have odd items so fit those in first and work around them, like oddly shaped or large boxes. Again, keep most often used items near the front, like ice cream or frozen waffles.

If you have an ice maker, make sure its not overflowing with ice. Ice spilling into the freezer looks messy and actually causes the rest of the freezer to become disheveled as well.

Lastly, any bread or soft items you freeze, put these on top of everything else until they are actually frozen. No one wants a sandwich on a piece of bread that’s been smooshed down to half its normal size.

If you use these tips to organize and maintain your freezer, you’ll find it seems much more spacious than when you just threw everything inside. And at least you’ll know where to locate the fudgicles when you wake for that midnight snack!

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