Pyzzz in Putnam, Connecticut: Authentic Italian Brick Oven Pizza and Tavern

It sits nestled beside a large warehouse building, like an outgrowth of stone and neon signing: “Pyzzz: Hard to Find… Impossible to Forget.” Hard to find is pretty accurate, particularly because every time I have been there, it has been by a different route. Pyzzz is located within a tangle of industrial buildings, right next to an historic downtown shopping district. If any pizza place has character – this is the one, and it becomes apparent as soon as you step inside. The dÃ?©cor, the people – everything in there is unique.

The stone of the building itself gives the place a very old world pub feel. The only downside to this great architectural detail: if it’s cold out, and your next to the wall – you may feel a little chilly. Besides the typical bar paraphernalia hanging on the walls, there are also many artistic touches. Across the largest wall is a large piece that looks like someone cut a picture along a grid and had everyone paint one square. And of course, no bar/pizza place is complete without a very flamboyant cow sculpture.

As much fun as it is to just stare at the walls, the true pleasure comes in eating the food. Pyzzz has some of the best brick oven pizzas. It all starts on a perfectly proportioned crust. Some pizza’s have a crust that is too thick, and you fill up before you have really been able to enjoy all the pizza you wanted to. (Not that that usually stops me, or anyone else, from eating more pizza than we should.) But, the Pyzzz crust is perfect – light and not too crispy. You can design your own pizza from a wide variety of toppings. So far my favorite custom combo was sun dried tomatoes, garlic, feta, and spinach on a red pizza. Being a vegetarian, its great to have so many delicious options in a place where my boyfriend can still eat any type of meat his little heart desires. Besides all the typical toppings, they also offer more interesting things like pine nuts, capicola, buffalo mozzarella, pastrami, or even fresh clams. Not feeling creative? Well, their specialty pizzas are unique and delicious. One night I was craving clam chowder, and decided to be adventurous and try the White Clam pizza (fresh clams, parsley, garlic, and olive oil.) It was amazing! Not in the mood for pizza? They also offer grinders or wraps, calzones, quesadillas, seafood, soups and salads.

Best of all, this great food is very reasonably priced at $7.95 for a classic pizza, and just $1.00 for each topping. Don’t have any money? No problem – they also accept dish washing, ocean front homes, and table dancing (according to the menu, which is full of witty tidbits.).

The service at Pyzzz doesn’t get any complaints from me. They may take a moment to get around to my table, but my waitresses have always been really sweet, and orders are always accurate. The wait for food is never long. Great food, fun atmosphere, laid back crowd – you simply can’t go wrong with Pyzzz. Just don’t take a wrong turn on the way there.

Are you hungry yet? Pyzzz is located at 8 Harris St. in Putnam, CT 06260. Phone: (860) 928-7424.

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