5 Ways the PS4 & Xbox One Will Change Gamers Forever

As gamers get their hands on the new PS4 and Xbox One consoles, it is only the beginning of a huge shift. This sort of shift happens anytime there is a new console launch, just like it did with the PS3 and Xbox 360.

As the new consoles invade homes, gamers will adjust to the new features, controllers and innovative games. Old trends are shifting and there are five ways that the gamer lifestyle will change forever.

Brand Loyalties

When Microsoft embarked on a bitter console war with the PS3, it pretty much split the gaming world. With such high console prices, game players often either sided with Microsoft or Sony. It seemed like players would stick with those same sides, but controversial decisions on both ends have forced a huge mix up in the gaming market. Former Microsoft devotees have converted to Sony and vice versa.

A Battle for Games

The PS4 and Xbox One are not exclusively gaming consoles. Both brands are focusing on the other innovative features. Not not only do you have battle for access to the TV, but you have to battle for access to actual games instead of other things like Netflix, Hulu and the NFL Experience upgrades.

The Video Game Gut

Videos games already enable us to sit on couches for hours at a time. Now companies like Taco Bell and Doritos are running free console promotions that encourage even more unhealthy eating. By the end of the year, additional holiday weight will be doubled thanks to new consoles.

Constant Connections

Even more reliability on internet connections is constantly changing the way we play games. Upgrades, additional maps and new storylines make your original game purchase only like 40% of the game. The online features have added many more elements to games too.

Generational Gaps

The gaming content that is being released these days seems catered towards adults more than anything. These are the same adults that grew up with systems like the NES, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis and the original Playstation. As adult gamers take over the market, the younger gamers are either getting lost in the mix or playing inappropriate games.

No matter what type of gamer you are, your habits are likely to shift once you transition to the new consoles.

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