5 Ways to Save Money with Volume Purchases

Volume purchasing is a shopping technique used by savvy bargain hunters everywhere. Taking advantage of the savings that volume purchases can offer doesn’t mean you need huge amounts of storage space. You just need to be organizedâÂ?¦ not always an easy feat, but well worth the effort when you add up the savingsâÂ?¦ an easy 30%-60% by the end of the year. You don’t have to buy at club stores either to reap the savings. Special discounts, closeout buys, 2 for 1 are all discounts you can load up on.

1. Start by organizing your pantry, freezer, cupboards and drawers to create some extra space. You may want to consider purchasing an extra freezer or closet shelving to add needed room for storage.

2. Then look for food staples that store well over a long periods of time. Wait for closeout deals and discounted buys on canned goods, pasta, sundries, cleaning solutions, paper goods and toiletries� then bag as many as you can store.

3. But don’t stop there, bread, rice, meat, veggies, butter, along with your regular frozen foods can be purchased in volume and frozen. Mark them so you can see any expiration dates easily.

4. Wardrobe basics are another area worthy of consideration for volume purchases. Some things don’t change in either style or use from season to season. Socks, underwear, sweats and tees are the basic items most of us use all year long whether you’re a short order cook or a fashion model. Jeans, athletic shoes and sweaters are very similar from year to year. With kids, you just buy an extra item in each additional size to compensate for their growth. Keep in mind, if you wait till you need it, chances are you’ll pay full price.

5. Office supplies is another area you can load up in and save. Special promotions, and closeout specials are the best time to load up on office and back to school supplies. Again the trick is to wait for the super discounted price and then snatch ’em up.

A little organization and planning allow hip bargain hunters to reap the rewards of volume purchases. You’ll save money and buying in volume means fewer trips to the store, which also saves you gasoline and time.

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