Wedding Gifts Under $50

Wedding gifts don’t have to be expensive in order to be appropriate for the engaged couple. If given with a lot of thought and meaning they can be a gesture of generosity..

They do not have to be extreme to be a meaningful gitt. You can buy a picture frame to encase your favorite photo of the bride and groom. In fact you can take a picture of the bride and groom on their wedding day and place it in a frame. They will appreciate this for years to come.

Another idea is to make a wedding album. It can be made.. I received one as a wedding shower gift. Lace was attached to a three ring binder and artificial flowers were on the front. Ribbon was used to close the album. Then you can take photos of the wedding and put them in sequence. They’ll appreciate it for years to come.

How about a collage? Obtain childhood photos of the bride and groom. Then place them together on poster board. This can be displayed at the wedding reception.

Towels are always appreciated and are inexpensive. I have aqua flue towels that I love. Check the bridal registry to see if the couple has towels on it.

Another great gift is to buy a basket and fill it with merchandise. Pick one that fits the style of the couple’s house. They could use it for mail or just as a decoration when they have used the products. It can be filled with a gift certificate from their favorite theater, sporting event or restaurant. You can also add a gift certificate from a store they buy a lot from.

How about a night at the movies? Fill it with microwave popcorn, a movie DVD or a couple of movie theater tickets. A dinner in basket can also be put together. Place spaghetti and sauce as well as a couple of candles. Add brownie mix for desert. The couple can enjoy making dinner together.

Check out They have listed many types of gifts under $50. It is your one stop shopping site for weddings. For example you can give a set of personalized crystal flute glasses for $24.95. How about a frame , personalized, for the couple for only$24.95. You can buy a ceramic tile and wrought iron trivet especially made for the couple or only $29.95.

Consider a gift that is keeps giving. Buy some Tupperware at
Tupperware offers products that can be used for food Preparation, serving and storage. They are very good looking. Most newly married couples need this type of product Even those who have storage products may need new ones because of wear and tear. Also Tupperware come with a full life time warranty. So you can’t go wrong!

Gifts that come from the heart are appreciated and remembered long after the wedding is over.

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