How to Get that Gwen Stefani Look

Everybody nowadays wants to look hot. Problem is, not many understand the inner complexities of fashion – there’s a mix of the unattainable/attainable and, when it works, it can prove to be very successful. Consider our subject, Gwen Stefani. First and foremost, Gwen Stefani has a limitless amount of capital to throw at exclusive designers around the globe. Second, Gwen Stefani also has a team of stylists to send to upscale boutiques. Most importantly, Gwen Stefani already defines the look she’s invested in.

Now, I’m sure you’re thinking all of these things are unattainable. This is not true. Instead, you should consider these things unecessary. Even to the one and only Gwen Stefani, the idyllic stylist is unattainable; there are only so many boutiques, even fewer designers, and that definitive look will eventually run out. Everybody wants to rule the world, right?

Well you can too. I stress this: you can. This article isn’t necessarily about emulating Gwen Stefani, nor about ripping her off. Although there will be pointers on accumulating the wanton goods – shoes, sunglasses, jackets, tank tops – reading this will prove to be meaningless if you cannot first attain the proper fashion philosophy.

Now, do you really think you need what Gwen Stefani has to succeed in pulling off a good look for yourself? Of course not. And if you do, I don’t blame you; it’s easy enough to be fooled by contemporary trends that are depicted in the media, specifically television. People whom push trends do it for a reason; they want the trends to be out of reach for the average person and then, when the trend is finally available to them, the trend dies.

Have you noticed anything about Gwen Stefani and the trends she follows? Exactly – she doesn’t follow trends, she simply makes them. This doesn’t mean she puts her pants on backwards or chooses to revisit some long-dead fashion statement from years past. Rather, she wears what defines her.

Ask yourself, “What defines me?” Which spice girl are you – Sporty, Posh, Scary? That is, do you prefer athletic style, traditional garb, or just what’s comfortable? Follow your heart when you make your purchases, otherwise those clothes are bound for failure. After all, why try to be something you’re not?

I think a great place to start for those whom want to kick start their Spring wardrobe is, home of the Adidas Originals line. This is a line often sported by Stefani because of its traditional three stripes, its vintage roots, and its comfort. The online Originals store is a place not often visited by the youth of today, which is unfortunate. This causes a lot of the products to be carried, brand new, on (for much lower prices). Just type in ‘Adidas Originals’ into the search bar and see for yourself. You’ll find jackets, boots, t-shirts, and pretty much anything else you’re looking for.

Adidas Originals should be a staple in your wardrobe, but there’s more. You’ll need sunglasses, too. Don’t cut corners on designer fashions, just find the right places to look for them. If you’re looking for a great pair of sunglasses at the Sunglasses Hut at the mall, or even in a high end boutique, you’re only cutting yourself short… and ripping yourself off in the process. It’s simply a matter of finding exactly what pair you want; aren’t purchases at the mall mainly based on impulse, anyways? Do the research. Once you find what you want, google it or Ebay it and have some patience, you’ll end up with what you need before you even know it.

Now that you’ve got a good head start on looking great, don’t forget to know your measurements and compensate for future growth. Otherwise, you might find yourself having to let a piece of clothing go because it doesn’t fit. If you want to look like Gwen Stefani, just commit yourself and be smart. Most imporantly: be yourself.

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