Top Three Vintage Clothing Stores in Berkeley, California

Vintage clothing stores are sprinkled throughout the streets of Berkley, California. Vintage clothing stores in Berkley, California are filled with one of a kind slightly used vintage clothing pieces that are sure to add flare to any wardrobe. Vintage clothing is a great outlet for anyone of any age to express his or her own personal style. Fun and quirky pieces can add style and flare to your existing wardrobe without breaking the bank.

Adding a little flare to your existing wardrobe does not have to cost a fortune. Vintage clothing stores are full of gently used pieces from as far back as the early 1900’s all the way to the 1980’s. Almost anything can be found for sale in a vintage clothing store. The greatest benefit to shopping at vintage clothing stores is that you get to acquire these great finds at an amazing markdown from the original price because they are not brand new. Most vintage clothing stores sell clothing in good condition that are free of any stains or rips. So, the next time you are in the mood to spruce up your existing wardrobe with a few designer labels, take a look at some of these great local Berkley, California vintage clothing stores.

Mars Mercantile will definitely transport you to another planet of clothing. If you are tired of the same old same old style from the local mall, then you should definitely check out Mars Mercantile. They carry a unique inventory of vintage clothing and slightly used funky pieces that are sure to transform you into something other than the norm. They have a large inventory, so be prepare to spend an afternoon rummaging through their delightful finds. Mars Mercantile has great prices a swell. You can find items for as little as $5. If you are looking for true vintage pieces in great condition though you will have to be prepared to open that wallet. Mars Mercantile is located at 2398 Telegraph Avenue, Berkley, California, 94704. For directions and store hours contact them at (510) 843-6711.

Time Zone Vintage carries a huge selection of vintage clothing, accessories, and shoes spanning then entire 1900’s and into the past few years. You are almost guaranteed to find that great 1940’s apron or that hip leather jacket from the 1950’s. Time Zone Vintage thoroughly inspects their inventory for condition as well as authenticity, so you know you will be purchasing something truly vintage. Time Zone Vintage is located at 2556 Telegraph Avenue, Berkeley, California, 94704. To make an appointment to sell or trade your own vintage clothing contacts them at (510) 665-4055.

Stop the clock will definitely have you stopping traffic in your new one vintage clothing. Stop the Clock is located at 2110 Addison Street, Berkley, California, 94704. They carry a large selection of vintage and slightly used designer labels that will add flare and fun to your existing wardrobe. If you want to sell some of your own vintage or designer clothing contact Stop the clock at (510) 841-2142.

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